Ladbrokes virtual betting: virtual betting, tangible winnings 

Virtual sports, which claim the main part in virtual betting, are computer-controlled games where the software simulates a certain sports activity: a race, a match, a poker game, a roulette ... The impartial algorithms determine who wins and how it all plays out. A big advantage for those who like to participate in virtual betting: skills or prior knowledge are of almost zero importance. These bets are therefore maximally accessible and fun for everyone! 

Refine your virtual bets with Ladbrokes 

Does this introduction mean there’s no strategy to rely on while placing virtual bets? Absolutely not. Every gambling enthusiast naturally wants to increase their chances of success and at the same time minimize his / her losses. Without a minimum of control, the appeal would be very small. Ladbrokes gladly provides you with a few tips for turning the odds to your advantage when placing virtual bets: 

Choose the right sport or discipline 

The offer of online virtual bets is noticeably increasing. The Ladbrokes range is even gradually bursting. This means you can now choose between an impressive number of options. You might think that in virtual betting it is unimportant which sport or games you pick; everything is random anyway. You would be wrong though: virtual sports and games also have their rules and parameters that influence the result to some extent.  The great impact of coincidence and arbitrariness automatically leads us to an essential principle: those who bet on virtual sports with fewer betting options will earn a lot more when they win. Statistically, the prize money is divided into larger chunks when there are fewer options. The more numerous and in-depth the choices, the bigger the fragmentation of the profit. 

Keep your bets relatively small 

The high degree of randomness also implicates another important element. With virtual betting, it is obviously quite hard to predict the results or winners; the algorithm is by definition unfathomable and random. Want to avoid big losses? Then choose to bet relatively low each time. Divide your bets into several smaller stakes. This way you limit the chance of disappointing setbacks, while keeping an overview of your budget and profits.  Avoid the urge to "chase your losses." Every gambler knows the feeling: you bet a lot of small amounts, but luck is not on your side. The temptation then becomes ever greater to recoup those many losses in one go with a big, winning bet. This is not an efficient strategy.  In the event of a setback, it’s probably better to take a small break or change to another virtual bet. Perhaps your chances are better with a different game or sport. It's all about coincidence anyway, so keeping a cool head remains key. Without any doubt, your chances will turn! 

Successful virtual betting: Make smart choices!

Choosing the right sport or game is of great importance to your success in virtual betting. But that's not all. The right choice of the type of virtual bets you place may be even more important. Allow us to explain briefly: Choose favorites more often (but not always)

Even though everything is completely random to a large extent, certain facts and parameters, such as the history of a sport and past results, are usually also included in the software. In virtual betting, the favorites will be slightly more likely to win in a series of events. With "each way" bets (on win and, for example, second / third place at the same time) it is therefore recommended to bet on the favorites a little more often. Chances are that, even if they don't win, they'll still end up in a high position. This way you ensure a basic return on your bet.

At Ladbrokes, "random" stands for absolute fairness

Since it is ultimately the computer that determines how a virtual bet will turn out, the reliability of the systems is of utmost importance. The algorithms must be completely objective and fair, ensuring bookmakers cannot influence the game in any way. It’s no coincidence this is monitored very closely by governments and proper authorities. At Ladbrokes, we are driven by a passion for responsible gambling. This means we are committed to absolute honesty and reliability. Our high-end systems do not allow any interference. When you place your virtual bet with us, you are one hundred percent sure of a fair and correct course. Our customers' trust is sacred to us; handle this with utmost care. A "random" bet is therefore completely random indeed. This is also what defines virtual betting as such an exciting pastime. In a way, it is even fairer than the “real” events. Psychology, perception, injuries, players' private situations ... There is really nothing that affects the results other than the randomness of our highly advanced software.

At Ladbrokes, "random" stands for absolute fairness

Another big advantage of virtual betting: it’s not tied to a certain time schedule. After all, virtual players and athletes are "ready to perform" at any time of the day, 24/7. This means you never have to wait for an official match to start. Ladbrokes offers its customers an exciting range of virtual bets at any time. This way, your hobby perfectly fits your specific preferences and biorhythm. It is perhaps one of the most important factors in the growing success of these bets.

Safe and fast: a Ladbrokes commitment

We cannot stress it enough: the experience of online betting stands or falls on the way everything is arranged, designed and organized. For decades, Ladbrokes has competed successfully at the top of the global gaming industry. We know exactly how to coddle our customers responsibly. At the same time, we are aware of the permanent need for security, privacy and smooth transactions. When betting with us, you enjoy all the advantages this cartload of experience can offer, boosted by systems that push the experience to new heights every day. Making big profits? Your pay-out always comes swift and easy. Everything runs fast and precise. People choose us because of our well-known high-quality service: we never lose sight of that. Your money, your identity and your gaming pleasure are in the very best hands here!