Golf betting at Ladbrokes: hit a hole in one!

Predicting a winner for a golf tournament is not an easy job. Precisely because it is so unpredictable, of course the winnings for those who manage to place the right golf bet are also so exceptionally high! Do this at Ladbrokes and you're always assured of our state-of-the-art service and our extremely wide range of golf bets.

The wealth of golf betting

Unlike most sports, golf is not just about typical factors such as fitness or team composition. The parameters determining who returns home with the ultimate trophy vary greatly.

There is the nature of the tournament: Major tournaments are very different from smaller events. Competitions in which the absolute top players participate are somewhat easier to predict than the smaller games. This means PGA betting, betting on the Ryder cup or on the Fedex cup are often the most interesting. Here, the big names will rarely disappoint you, so you know in advance where the best odds lie... although there can always be surprises!

The golf courses themselves can also fluctuate immensely. The grass is never the same, nor are the weather conditions. There are players who excel in the bright sunshine, while others are more in their element on rainy days. All determining factors!

This doesn't mean you should neglect the smaller championships. Players who win the big tournaments are almost always the ones who have been showing their good form all season long. So if you monitor the smaller games, you will soon find out who has the best chances and which golf bet can get you the most profit. The shape of each player is also expressed in other ways: keep a close eye on all the news about the world of golf: online news, blogs, statistics, results...

Don't limit your golf bets to the top favourites

As mentioned, betting on golf is not the easiest pastime, but it surely is one of the most exciting ones. Typical for this sport is that on a good day, an outsider can achieve an absolute top performance, against all expectations. So besides the more predictable certainties the toppers offer, you better take these less gifted players into account as well. That's another reason why live golf betting makes a lot of sense. It allows you to see per round who's in the flow and who's having an off-day, giving you the opportunity to change your bets during the tournament. At Ladbrokes we insist on involving our customers to the maximum and giving them a say in how they bet on their golf tournament. So you can easily choose all kinds of golf bets: live, on the winner, and everything in between.

Pay attention to specific trends in your golf bets

There are quite a few common laws in the game of golf you can use as a bettor. For example, if a player hits a few 'holes in one' in his latest tournaments and games, he is more likely to do the same in the next tournament. You can bet on that sort of things as well. A PGA tour bet can be you betting this player will succeed one or more ‘holes in one’. If a player rarely wins, but consistently performs well and is able to occupy top ten positions each time, then it's safe to assume he's also a good pick for a top ten position on your next Fedex, PGA or Ryder cup bet. So trends do matter. Of course, you never know when a trend will stop; it is still a game of chance ... and that’s a good thing!

How to bet on golf? At Ladbrokes possibilities are nearly unlimited!

Golf is a sport in which strategy and technique beat sheer athletic ability. The complex nature of the game guarantees an incredibly diverse range of golf bets. All of these are laid out clearly and transparently at Ladbrokes.

  • Simply bet on the winner: This is the easiest and most popular golf bet. You bet money on the golfer you think will win the round.
  • 'Versus the Field Odds' golf betting. This type of bet takes place in later rounds when there is already a clear favourite among all golfers. But instead of betting on the favourite, you bet on another player to beat the number one favourite.
  • 'Head Matchup': Got a good strategy and sufficient insight in the way golfers normally will perform in a game? Then these kinds of odds are definitely worth a try. You select two players to play one against the other and bet on which of both will perform better. There are one-on-one matches for each round and for the whole tournament.
  • Futures' betting. Futures bets are popular at various sporting events. You place a bet on the chances of a golfer winning a particular golf tournament, for example the FedEx Cup, the Ryders Cup or the PGA tour.
  • Prop betting: Prop-betting is wagering on the probability a certain situation will occur during a match or round. Prop betting can vary from fun to unusual and even strange. Entertainment guaranteed! There are no real skills involved in this type of betting, everything depends purely on chance.
  • Live betting: Also known as real-time or in-play betting. These are very popular golf bets nowadays. You make informed decisions about your bets as the tournament progresses. This means you respond to what's happening and the way the players are performing. For example, after a golfer completes the 12th round, you can bet on how you think the player will fare in the next rounds. You base your bet on everything that strikes you during the tournament.

This wide range of golf betting options makes it even more fun to discover this extremely exciting world. When it comes to golf betting, it also comes down to choosing which type of bet and playing style suits you best.

Ladbrokes: specialists in exciting Golf betting

Let it be clear: golf betting is a discipline in itself. In order to guarantee players the utmost comfort, it's best to go for a gambling company that also masters this extremely fascinating sport down to the smallest detail. Ladbrokes has tons (and decades) of experience in betting on golf matches. Here you will always find the most complete offer, transparent and easy to adapt to your specific needs.

As always, our extensive expertise assures you of the highest security and privacy measures, ensuring the pleasure during your games is always the only thing you need to worry about. So feel free to take a responsible gamble on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone!