Ladbrokes: World champion for international football betting

Football undeniably remains the most popular sport in the world. This has a lot to do with the local component; fans see their city or region represented on the green ‘battlefield’. That pride and togetherness is pushed to unprecedented heights every two years in the international tournaments, when the world stops turning for about a month. International matches are the epitome of excitement and sensation, because they showcase shared identity for the whole world to see. The stakes are always high, the nerves as tense as can be. That unique atmosphere is flawlessly converted at Ladbrokes for those who want to bet on international football. These bets transcend everyday life, just like the winnings you can collect.

International football betting: the different types of matches

It’s only human to regularly test your ability against others. The same goes for countries and football. Because football is so deeply rooted in our culture, these duels are much more than just a sporting event; they will determine the conversations and the way in which a country is viewed for years to come, at least by sports fans.

And there is plenty of opportunity to show your ‘worth’ as a country indeed. There are friendly international matches, qualifying matches for major tournaments, the Nations League and, of course, the tournaments themselves. Each of those competitions has that extra layer of national pride. If you want to bet on international football matches, you better take into account that motivation of the players of each country can vary considerably.

Broadly speaking, these are the following international football matches:

  • Friendly: These are perhaps the least attractive matches for players. There is no tangible importance and they usually cut through the professional club season. Top players are often spared or only used as substitutes because their employers want to avoid risk of injury. This makes these matches no less interesting for international football betting. The results are erratic and surprises occur quite often. Moreover, they remain competitions for every enthusiast and connoisseur to see, because of the insights they provide. That is also the main motivation for the national trainers. Anyone who wants to put themselves in the spotlight for his country can do just that.
  • The qualifying matches: Here, the interests are real: those who do not qualify will miss the opportunity to show themselves at the highest stage. The most important players are called up for these matches. So they provide tons of information on merely any aspect of the game. Quite essential for fans of international football betting. The matches themselves are fiercely anticipated, making the prizes distributed among gambling enthusiasts very high, but they also offer a preview of what’s still to come: the real tournament. There are qualifying matches for the European Championship, the African Cup, the Copa America, the Asia cup, the Nations League, the CONCACAF Gold cup… and of course: the World Cup. International football never really pauses!
  • Continental tournaments: Every two years before and after the World Cup, international tournaments take place on each continent. The European Championship is about as important as the World Cup, mostly because the best teams in the world are located here. Belgium has been number one in the FIFA ranking for years now! Stakes are always high… which also offers enormously diverse and great perspectives for international football betting. Bookmakers work overtime during these tournaments and with luck on your side, you’re guaranteed to earn some big bucks. For Belgians, the chance of a double euphoria is all but inconceivable: pride as a football fan can perfectly go hand in hand with an increased bank account!
  • The World Cup, the coveted trophy: Players, coaches, sports fans and gambling enthusiasts are always eagerly looking forward to this event; the ultimate football experience. Any player who performs well here, ensures a sensational transfer to a European top team. This also applies to trainers. The media attention and eyes of every nation are fixated on this thrilling event. It is also the apogee among gambling enthusiasts. International football bets don't get any bigger than this. It all comes down to this: everything you've learned over the last four years can now be turned into truly dizzying winnings.

Types of bets: the well-trusted Ladbrokes opportunities

International tournaments are quite similar to national season cups. This means the ways in which you can bet on international football are comparable to regular football betting.

You don't need any specific knowledge or skills to participate. At Ladbrokes, we strive to make our services completely clear and straight forward anyway. Here you can bet on literally every detail of any international football match.

Of course, the biggest international football bets mainly revolve around match results and rankings, such as games won and who will become the champion, but there’s a lot more to it.

Those who want to bet on international football will notice: the possibilities are limitless. Handicaps, over / under, halftime scores, exact final scores, first goal, last goal… we offer all common bets in the most user-friendly and safest way possible.

Do you like really atypical bets? Then take a look at the seemingly irrelevant bets we offer on our sites. We pride ourselves on offering the right kind of bet for every individual bettor.

The most important thing is for you to have fun, but the fact that the winnings at such big events are always quite high, is anything but a detail.

International Football Betting: Ladbrokes provides a safe haven

It goes without saying that at such large events, dubious parties always try to get involved. The great amount of money circulating unfortunately also attract less reliable parties. You need to make sure your gambling pleasure does not degenerate into a financial nightmare.

At Ladbrokes, we guarantee that everything is done completely in accordance with all applicable regulations. Moreover: fair, correct games of chance are ingrained in our vision. That is why no effort is too much for us to offer you the very best and safest platforms. This way, you carelessly enjoy your betting.

We rely on decades of striving for perfection. With a margin of error below zero, we are one of the most reliable online bookmakers in the world. Our expertise in football means you can fully enjoy the extra dimension of betting in your favorite sport. Betting on international football is a real joy, at Ladbrokes, it is an ode to both excitement and sportsmanship!