Champions League Predictions: Join to the festival!

There is no protracted competition worldwide that stirs as many souls as the UEFA Champions League. For the football fan, this is simply the ultimate joy. Every year, all the greats gather at this championship to add new memorable football moments to the history books. Enjoyment in its purest form… but there is more: you can earn quite a few sums of money with your Champions league predictions! At Ladbrokes we are happy to explain how this works…

Capitalize on your Champions League predictions

Following the Champions League gives most sports fans tons of satisfaction anyway, but of course it all becomes even more interesting when you actually earn money from it. In fact, with a well thought-out strategy, this is a very realistic prospect.

What you need in the first place, is a minimum of knowledge about the formula of this competition, how it all works, and of course the teams that participate in it. Luckily, all that information is very easy to find. Everything you can think of about this event can be consulted online: from the most current and relevant news items, to the most outrageous gossip. The biggest challenge is to pick those items that give you a real advantage.

In the group stages, everything remains a bit more cautious. Most teams still have to search for new routines that fit the renewed player list and trainers. The safest option for your Champions League predictions is to go for the favourites. The most profitable option is to show a little more guts and choose the winning underdog. This logically applies to the entire tournament.

Throughout the season, the more interesting facts become visible. Injuries of key players, private concerns, the chemistry between players improving or deteriorating…

Depending on the type of Champions League bet you place, this will make all the difference. Bets can be about individual players, but also about team performance. Is a disgruntled player looking for a transfer to the opposing team? Is there some ‘beef’ between a full squad of players and a trainer? Everything has an impact. It is therefore a matter of picking out those 'random facts’, which will ultimately play a determining role.

Below, we explain the types of Champions League bets in which you are able to do this:

Match winner and over/under bets

Probably the best-known bets are those where you simply predict the match winner: clear and easy. We can't tell you much more about that concept. You predict who wins, loses or if there will be a draw. If you get it right, you win money.

With the 'over/under' Champions League predictions, you bet on whether the match result will be above or below an expected score. For example, you can aim for the worldwide statistical average, being 2.5 goals in a match. You might just as well react to the fact that a certain match concerns offensively strong teams that usually guarantee more spectacle. You can focus on the score that each individual team achieves, but also on the total amount of goals that are scored during the entire match.

This idea is often expanded, allowing you to bet on a lot more more than goals for your over/under bets, like the number of red cards, throw-ins, corners, etc. Insight and knowledge of the statistics is of course of gold value: make sure you are well informed.

Handicap betting: the artificial balance

Another option is the 'Asian handicap method', where a 'target handicap' is assigned to the stronger team to even things out a bit. This stronger team will therefore have to score more goals to make your bet profitable. This minor tweak broadens the betting experience and options, making it one of the most interesting ways to bet on the Champions League.

There is also a slightly more complicated version; the double handicap or 'two-way handicap'. Here the bet is split in half. The first part goes to the first team that has to win, draw or lose by a certain goal difference, the other half goes to the other team that also wins, draws or loses. Is the outcome a draw? Then the stake is refunded. Yet another version is the 'European Handicap' where draws really count as a bet and you can therefore perfectly lose or win the bet by predicting one.

Accumulating Bets: Start Small, Finish Big

The so-called ‘accumulating bets’ are very popular with the fans of Champions League predictions. This has everything to do with the low starting amounts. You start with a small amount of money, but with the profits from your successful bets, you go further and further. The amounts naturally grow exponentially, enabling you to quickly multiply your bet while you never had to take a big risk. The catch is, of course, that you have to be right every time. Nevertheless, you will never lose large sums in the end, making these the perfect bets for the recreational gambler.

So many possibilities

Of course there are many other ways to bet on the Champions League. You can, for instance, let it all depend on the size of the risk you are willing to take. For example, bets in the early stages of the competitions will pay out more, but are by definition a lot less certain. When you first look at how everything is turning out and opt for more well-founded Champions League predictions, the profit will be slightly lower, but you are more sure of a good outcome. Want to go for full time or half time bets? Do you feel more comfortable playing extra safe by betting on double odds (eg betting on two of the three possible outcomes)? The choice is yours…

At last, there's a dizzying array of bets related to all possible random events during a match: red cards, injuries, miles covered, number of free kicks… you can even make certain predictions about the weather. In any case; keep an eye on our site to know all actual offers! One thing is certain: the choice at Ladbrokes is impressively large and diverse!

Be aware that betting on the Champions League is no exception to the rule: ‘practice makes perfect’! Inherent in such a learning curve is that, what at first seems like a very risky bet, quickly turns into an educated guess that can earn you some pretty hefty sums of money!