Golf Betting: the stunningly accurate Ladbrokes golf predictions

Golf betting has been booming in recent years. This growth in terms of both numbers and bet types, is also elevating the prizes significantly. As a result, more and more candidates are ready to venture into some lucrative golf predictions. This success feeds itself, so to speak. At Ladbrokes, you ‘ll learn all about how to fully enjoy the fun and lucrativeness of golf betting.

Outright winners or Futures bets: popular, but challenging

There certainly is no shortage of options for those who want to try their luck on golf predictions. The most direct, profitable and popular way to do this is by predicting who will win a tournament or championship. However; that is also the hardest bet to get consistently right. After all, we are generally talking about sometimes more than 140 different players. Such 'outright winner' or 'Futures' golf bets therefore always get a great slice of the attention.

Because these bets are anything but obvious, there are usually quite large 'odds numbers' behind players' names. In any case, being successful in this type of betting is very satisfying. These bets and the process of following the sport will help you improve, making your future golf predictions more and more accurate.

The Majors: the 4 'grand slams' of golf

The majors, consisting of the Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship, always attract the most viewers, gamblers and media attention. They are appealing for gamblers because their large scale also entails the greatest diversity of betting options. Another interesting aspect; the tables are opened very early, up to a year in advance. It goes without saying that the early daredevils get the chance to win the most attractive golf bets. The earlier you bet, the more daring and this is reflected in the prize money.

Golf predictions: check the statistics!

Golf is, by definition, a somewhat odd duck in the sports betting business. The direct competitive factor, which is almost always decisive in team sports, is absent in golf. That's why personal statistics about the players are absolutely crucial for your accurate golf predictions!

This naturally concerns personal data, weaknesses and strengths of the players, but also a large number of external factors, such as the surface, a specific terrain, the weather conditions, the time of year, private life... Golf is more about serenity, coolness and stability than athleticism. Any detail that can bring a player out of balance mentally is a potentially determinant element. There is of course also technique: A good swing is a player's strongest weapon in one tournament, but can turn out to be secondary in another event. It is up to you to gather the right knowledge and trust the right gut feeling.

Where do you find that valuable information? Online of course. The perfect place to start your learning process is on the PGA website. There you will easily find loads of facts and statistics that will help you to make increasingly accurate golf predictions. After a while you know exactly what to look for and what information you can ignore.

Golf matchup bets: steady winning odds

More a fan of 'good old' duels and rivalry? Don't worry: we definitely won’t keep you unsatisfied at Ladbrokes! Those who like to playout two players against each other can also enjoy themselves with our large number of different golf bets. The most important ones are the '18 hole' and '72 hole' bets. Some focus on one day, others aim for the entire tournament.

Once you become familiar with the different golf bets and their specificities and golf predictions, these types of 'head-to-head' bets present a very nice extra. You have a great chance of a hefty payout, because they are much less about that 'all or nothing' concept of the Futures bets. The amounts are lower, but if you want to acquire a nice penny every week, this choice provides the most certainty!

Live Golf Bets

Live betting has exploded in just about every sport in recent years. Golf is no exception. However, things are somewhat different with golf predictions; even more comfortable, we might add. Where in most other sports you have to make decisions while experiencing constant time pressure, golf is a lot more relaxed. After a game day, you can calmly think up and write down your strategy for the next day: no rush, no stress. This obviously increases your chances; with a cool head you make more correct choices. You can even do some extra research and draw up a real master plan.

In particular for your outright future bets, it is very useful to put the right name forward after the first days using elimination. Ok, it's not as lucrative as betting completely in advance, but it's smarter. An educated guess is better than pure hazardous shots. Throughout a tournament, not only does the number of potential winners shrink; you will also see details that will tell you a lot about the players’ current form level or self-confidence.

Golf proposition bets

Ok, we already talked about the mental and emotional stability, the technique and the external conditions. So much for the golf predictions where knowledge, insight and feeling for the sport are more or less important. There are of course also nice bets where none of that matters. How many hole-in-ones does this or that golfer hit? Which of these four Europeans hits the most pars?... The possibilities are enormous. Some knowledge here and there can help you, but usually it is more about randomness. The game element is especially important here. Anyone who bets on a certain number of hole-in-ones is guaranteed to be on the edge of his seat when his or her player makes the ball roll agonizingly slowly towards the hole.

Above all, remember this: betting on golf rarely is the most rewarding activity right away. It's a learning process. What it does excel at, is how rewarding it becomes once you get the hang of it!