The Ladbrokes tennis predictions: serve and money!

As it goes for all sports, betting on tennis is much more than just a game of chance. It is an art that you can be mastered to quite a great extent. Every match has a history proceeding it. Every player has his own story, private life, level of form… The parameters that determine success, loss or any other aspect of the game are indeed measurable… as long as you know what to look out for, that is. At Ladbrokes we’d like to give you some important tips for accurate tennis predictions, enabling you to avoid the unforced errors!

Exactly how predicable is tennis as a sport?

For the past decade, betting on tennis has been a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there were the 'big three', Nadal, Federer and Djokovic, who totally dominated the sport by winning 18 of the 21 major tournaments. On the other hand, predictability can also lead to profitable betting options. Globally, the margins are of course smaller for those who bet on these favorites, meaning you had to bet quite a bit to earn serious money. A winning underdog… that’s a whole different story!

It was a little different for the ladies, but as soon as Serena Williams came on the scene, the chances were usually set. From late 2014 to early 2015, she even won all the grand slams… quite impressive!

All this raises the question: how profitable is betting on tennis? The answer is clear: very profitable. All you need is a little creativity. In any case, the field of participants is changing a lot. The so called ‘changing of the guard’ is already taking place with youngsters like Thiem, Medvedev, Tsitsipas and other protagonists.

Tennis betting tips: 1. Study the head-to-head results

One thing’s for sure: anyone who wants to bet on tennis should take a good look at the previous confrontations between players. There usually is a lot of valuable lessons to be learned from this, especially in tennis. Tennis is pre-eminently a sport where one style of play is difficult or easy for a specific player for various reasons. Sometimes a top 100 player is so hard to read for a top 10 player, the lower ranked tennis player might even win. Previous confrontations provide a wealth of information. For even more certainty, you can also zoom in on the various ‘deeper’ statistics in those matches. This way, you might virtually read a possible script for the match to come.

Note that players work permanently to eliminate their weaknesses; if they succeed, conclusions drawn too easily can be detrimental. It is up to you to estimate it all correctly!

Tennis betting tips: 2. Surface is everything!

It is no secret every tennis player has his favorite surface. This is off course most important for those who venture into tennis predictions. For example, every connoisseur knows that Nadal thrives mainly on clay, while Federer and Djokovic are almost unbeatable on hard courts… unless they compete each other of course.

There are more general ‘laws’ regarding this topic. For example: hard hitters and tall players, who usually have a solid and fast serve, will feel completely at home on hard courts, while the serve and volley specialists mainly prefer playing on grass. The stylists, like Nadal, thrive completely on clay. You need to keep those things in mind when making your tennis predictions.

Tennis betting tips: 3. Check the current form

Most of the attention logically goes to the major tournaments and Grand Slams. That is also what most tennis bets focus on. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to closely monitor the competitions and tournaments in the run-up to those major events. This provides insight into the most actual form and shape of the players. Are they gaining momentum? Or is their level dropping? And what about confidence or recovery from that recent injury? Take your time to consult all possible sources of information for relevant facts. This knowledge can mean the difference between big profits and painful losses… both on the court and in your wallet. Therefore; make sure you pick up this insider knowledge where you can. It will make your tennis predictions a lot more accurate!

Also good to know: Every tennis bet you make is part of your learning process. Every time you bet on a tennis match, you automatically see and learn things that will come in handy in the future. The more you know, the more fun and lucrative it all becomes.

Tennis betting tips: 4. Find bets that are truly worth it

The absolute top players, like Federer or Djokivic, often start with a moneyline of -5000 or less, especially in the early rounds of a tournament. Not the most interesting numbers for the recreational tennis gambling enthusiast.

How do you make sure you have some exciting bets, even when the big ones are at play? Simple: By betting on other aspects of a match. For example, you can bet on whether someone wins every set. How many Love games does he get? How many aces… You get the picture: the possibilities are just limitless.

This is a good way to also have a chance to win some bucks, even with a modest bet. Even in the competitions where the absolute top players are exhibiting their skills.

Tennis betting tips: 5. Don't forget the futures

Another way to make nice profits is to bet on the futures of a tournament or championship. Of course, Ladbrokes has all possible options for you to do so. From predicting who will win the tournament, to who will make it through his preliminary rounds and table. Tournaments always contain a healthy dose of unpredictability. This means anyone who wants to bet on tennis futures will always find lucrative options. Anyone who is daring enough to go for an absolute outsider may well get very, very lucky. You also get countless options to build in some extra security. Therefore, futures are always a good choice for the daring, the hesitant, the expert and novice tennis gambler.