Motorsport betting: Ladbrokes shifts your gears

Motorcycle racing has been appealing to the imagination for decades. The elegant and at the same time brutal spectacle of agile drivers keeping their barely controllable machines on the tracks… few are immune to this attraction. The rivalry pushes these top riders to the limit every single time. Want to boost the sensation some more? Then motorsport betting is simply the ideal way to get your fix. At Ladbrokes you’ll find the top entertainment and big winnings you’re looking for. Our secure hands-on platforms bring you so close to the racetrack, you can even smell the scent of burning rubber!

Successful motorsport betting strategies

Both the most experienced and novice bettors take daily shots at the various races and championships around the world. This ensures there are quite large money pots going around in this sport. It is therefore important to get that edge ahead of the competition. Of course you can bet randomly and hope that luck will be on your side, but if you really want to bet on motorsport successfully, you’d better tread carefully. Ladbrokes gladly provides you with some global strategies for betting on motorcycle racing, which will significantly increase your chances of winning.

Bet early on the ultimate champion

Just as this applies to Formula 1 and just about all other motorsports, motorcycle racing is an co-operation between man and machine. This naturally creates a complex, but fascinating amount of influencing factors. Of course, the talent and driving skills of the pilot are absolutely decisive, but without the right technological and strategic support, this will not be enough. The horsepower, the set-up, the tire choices, pit stops, the bike itself… all are crucial in predicting the ultimate winner of a championship.

Above all, let's not beat around the bush: there is a big difference in quality between the teams. While one team may have the ambition to win weekly, the other will content itself with merely ending the race. Budgets also vary widely. This means the teams you might want to bet on for victory in the final standings, are already quite easy to predict. When it comes to betting on motorcycle racing, this might even be a bit easier than in many other sports.

Some MotoGP teams are simply better than others. They tend to invest more money in the development of the motorcycle, and also pay higher fees to attract better riders. As a result, the teams that invest a lot of money end up winning significantly more races than others.

In recent years, Honda riders Marc Marquez and Casey Stoner and Yamaha pilot Jorge Lorenzo have split the podium almost every time at the end of the seasons. Whoever wants to bet on motorsport, can therefore be quite sure: choosing the favorite will always pay off. Ideal for the novice gambler.

It is of course recommended to place your bet as early in the season as possible, because the longer the season lasts, the more all patterns become clearer. When there is almost certainty about the final win, gambling on motorcycle races becomes a little less unpredictable and therefore less lucrative. Early betting (even before the season starts, on "futures") is the perfect way to maximize your winnings in a sport where the favorites invariably confirm their dominance.

Motorsport betting on individual races

A second motorcycle racing betting strategy involves dividing your budget into smaller chunks, allowing you to bet on every race. Motorsport has a lot to offer in that respect: In recent years, 19 or more races per season have to be completed and a growing trend is expected to continue in the future. There are voices within MotoGP suggesting to even add a few more events to the calendar. Even if this doesn’t happen, your options for betting on individual motorsport races are certainly wide.

Besides betting on the winner of the race, Ladbrokes offers you an extensive range of other betting options. For example, you can predict who will start on pole position, who will drive the fastest lap, who will finish the race. You can even play out a rivalry between drivers, where you indicate which of two drivers you think will finish sooner. Obviously, this usually works between riders who can present roughly the same statistics… which makes everything just a little more exciting!

Exceptional motorcycle racing bets

Of course, it’s not always about just speed or winning the race. Those who like to think out of the box can also bet on aspects that have nothing to do with the races themselves. The weather conditions, for example, or the number of spectators, etc.

Why are these interesting bets? Simple; they provide pretty good chances of winning. It's an ideal way to get to know the motorsport betting options while also winning some money.

Motorsport betting outside MotoGP

The MotoGP is the top of the sport, but there are plenty of other competitions you can bet on at Ladbrokes. Here, too, the options are impressive. Just think of competitions such as Moto2, Motocross, Cross-country racing, Enduro and many others. Everyone is guaranteed to find something to their liking. Motocross is traditionally a popular sport in Belgium; this makes the profits extremely attractive. Enduro races, such as Paris-Dakar, are also considered the cream of the crop when it comes to motorsport betting.

A big advantage of these competitions is that they are slightly less anticipated than the MotoGP, but at the same time appealing to more than enough gamblers worldwide. This ensures both high winning chances and substantial prices.

Ladbrokes: cross the finish line safely and satisfied

With all the options above, we are happy to help you get you on your way, as you will undoubtedly experience on our site. But let it be clear: the greatest successes are achieved by immersing yourself in the sport and building up a certain experience. Don’t worry: you will achieve this easily while having fun on our user-friendly platforms. Every step you take is intuitive, straightforward and based on decades of experience as an absolute global player.

More than anything: motorsport betting should be fun and exciting. That's why Ladbrokes is committed to keeping the gambling experience of our customers safe and anonymous. On our sites, you are guaranteed a smooth, strict and correct settlement of every transaction.