Formula 1 Predictions: Which F1 Bet Pays Off?

Times have changed… and luckily, they did for the better. If you wanted to bet on your formula 1 predictions in the past, you were condemned to look for shady bookmakers with usually dubious collection practices and ditto reliability. Nowadays, the online aspect has drastically modernized everything: you don't even have to leave your home for your Formula 1 bets. At the very top of that evolution: that’s where you find Ladbrokes. For optimal safety, fun and chances, this is the place, provided you use the right strategy, of course. We are more than happy to explain your best approaches for successful Formula 1 predictions!

The right strategy for your F1 predictions

Online you will find loads of information about how experts estimate the season or individual races. All these examples of Formula 1 predictions are of course excellent as an extra knowledge base for the novice F1 gambler. Know, however, that it becomes even more fascinating when you can make up your own mind independently… and chart your own course. That is exactly why we give you this overview explaining the most common Formula 1 bets and their characteristics, enabling you to quickly build your own strategy.

Which F1 bets are in pole position?

Another important advantage of online betting at Ladbrokes over what classic betting offices can offer, is the large amount of options. It goes without saying that when your research yields information that can truly predict the winner, you should definitely make your move. Yet your eye for useful knowledge and inside information could also provide you with all sorts of valuable information for betting, other than just the winner of a race. Therefore, every second of your research can pay off at Ladbrokes. Whatever Formula 1 prediction you come up with; chances are you'll make money out of it!

The basics: who will win the race?

Before we delve deeper into the different types of bets, let's not forget the basics. Betting on the winner remains an attractive and therefore most popular formula 1 bet. There is also a very typical fact within Formula 1 predictions: because most seasons are dominated by a handful of riders, there are a lot of names that can make you quite a bit of money if they do win or finish high. So if you know which unexpected driver will have his day at a certain race, the cash register will ring bigtime for you. Admittedly, the chance one of the favorites will make it is always high, making playing it safe always a solid option. Nevertheless; the profit margins on surprising results are very high in this sport! And don't forget: such surprises are bound to happen at least a few times each season.

F1 predictions: the podium

Another frequently placed F1 bet is about the podium. You choose a rider who you think will be on the podium at the end of a race or the championship. It is not about which of the three top places this driver achieves exactly, but simply whether he finishes in the first three. A relatively easy bet. It is especially an ideal Formula 1 bet for those who are confident their favorite will perform well, but also that his direct competitors might win just as well. Basically you get three chances instead of one: not a bad deal at all!

Driver Matchups: which of the two?

The so-called ‘Driver matchups’ always guarantee some wildly exciting Formula 1 bets. You choose two drivers and predict which one of them will finish above the other. The possibilities online are enormous. With a little knowledge, you can easily decide how difficult you make it. You can of course place a favorite above an underdog and keep your chances high, but you can also go for a very tied race between two riders who are evenly matched.

Nothing else in the race matters: wherever the drivers end up or whatever the rest of the pack does, it’s simply not relevant. It's about the duel between these two! It goes without saying that the more difficult bets will bring in the most money. Know something, some determining details that others have missed? Then you increase your chances of winning.

This is especially useful when you know a driver will do exceptionally well, but will not finish in the very top of the list. That kind of information would be useless in podium or winner bets. With Driver matchups, this is very valuable information that can be of great benefit to you!

In any case, this is a very fun and captivating way to bet on Formula 1.

Proposition bets

Apart from the individual results, there’s a lot of other stuff going on in a F1 race. It should come as no surprise that you can also bet on those things. We make two important distinctions: There are proposition bets that require insight and knowledge… and also bets that are completely random and unpredictable.

Is it all about fun for you? Then you will undoubtedly find some very nice options in the latter category, such as: 'How many warnings will be given?'.

Do you, on the other hand, really want to keep your winning chances high? Then you cash in your knowledge with the prop bets that, provided you have sufficient insight, are somewhat predictable, such as: "How many laps will this or that driver lead?".

The pole position bet

A Formula 1 bet that brings closure even before the starting signal is given, is of course the one about pole position. You simply bet on who will be the first on the starting grid. Evidently; this falls under the rather ‘easy’ categories amongst formula 1 predictions; it’s quite straightforward. You simply predict who will qualify with the fastest lap time; that's about it.

As with all other F1 bets, the possible gains reflect the difficulty, so they, too, are limited in this case. It's especially interesting when you know, for example, that someone has a super-fast car, but still lacks some skills to thrive in real racing conditions. It's also just a way to meet the needs of the most impatient bettors.

Futures Bets

With Futures betting, you bet on which driver or team will be crowned champions at the end of the season. You can bet on both the Constructors' Championship and who will win the Drivers' Championship. The most popular time to place this bet is obviously before the start of the season, but it can also be done live. Anyone who manages to bet on a racer or team that has a low rating at the time the bet is placed, will win large amounts if it turns out that the performance will eventually be surprisingly good.

Important tip: Take a look at how the season evolves. The sport itself may be all about speed, but it is best to take your time for your formula 1 predictions. Make sure every choice you make is a smart one.