American football betting: score touchdowns with Ladbrokes!

American football betting has become almost as popular nowadays as watching the games themselves. Millions of people around the world like to bet some money on the games every Sunday. Many even wager quite large sums of money. Then again, this should not discourage you at all since the large amounts of money circulating in American football betting also provide golden opportunities for gamblers. Ladbrokes tells you how you also can claim your piece of this big pie!

American football betting? Let Ladbrokes be your guide

Whether you're completely inexperienced with American football betting, or just want to refresh your knowledge for the new season: Ladbrokes is the place to be. We are happy to provide you with all the insights you need about the different ways you can bet on the Super Bowl, NCAA or NFL, right down to the smallest detail. So you're all set to join us in this fascinating, exciting and (for those who are well prepared) profitable competition!

Single game American football betting

On the Ladbrokes website for American football betting you'll find a wide range of possibilities to bet on single game matches. You can bet on the 'point spread', the 'moneyline' and the 'totals'. All three are American football bets that each in their very own way increase your odds of winning. What's important is that you know exactly how all of this works and what types of bets are best for you.

Against the spread… in your favour

Betting 'against the spread' is by far the most popular way to bet on American football. American football games rarely are perfectly even and the 'spread' is the way bookmakers level the playing field. To win a point-spread bet, your favourite team not only has to win the game; it also has to win with a certain number of points (the spread).

The 'spread' encourages betting on both teams at the same time, as it essentially also awards points to the underdog. As a result, you will typically find half-point spreads; this avoids potential problems in the event of a (very rare) draw.

Suppose a team gets a spread of -5.5. If you then bet 'against the spread' on this team, they have to win the game by at least six points to win your bet. Does a team get a positive number next to its name? Then this means they are the underdog in this match. So they don't have to win in order for your bet to pay off. It's enough if they don't exceed that number of points to crown you the winner. Of course you also win if this team surprisingly wins the match.

American football betting on the moneyline

Slightly less popular than betting on or against the spread, but a lot easier, is betting on the moneyline. Here you simply bet on which team will win. The Ladbrokes site makes all this crystal clear and straightforward, so you know perfectly what your odds are in every match.

The system works as follows: if a team gets a negative number, -200 for example, it means you have to bet 200 euros on this team's victory in order to earn an extra 100 euros. This team is in fact the favourite. If there is a positive number, +150 for example, you win 150 euros with a bet of 100 euros if this team wins the match and you wagered on it. That's because in this case this team was the underdog.

Moneyline NFL, superbowl or NCAA bets are easy to grasp and above all offer great odds for those who dare to bet on the underdog. So if you are well informed, you can make good money here.

Betting on totals (over, under...)

When you bet on the total, you no longer worry about which team will win; you only focus on the number of points that will be scored. That's why this type of American football betting is sometimes referred to as 'over-under betting'.

Here again, we often work with half points to avoid complications of a tie or draw between your score and the real points.

In general, the odds are the same for bets over or under the indicated score and the ( in each case fair) total determined by Ladbrokes may change during the week. Thanks to the clear layout of our sites, we're able to make sure you always know the exact lay of the cards, thus allowing you to place the most thoughtful bet at any time.

American football betting on multiple games

With as many as 13 to 16 matches to choose from each week, you also want to be able to bet on more than one game each week. With the clear Ladbrokes parlays and teasers you can do this every time with the very best odds. Anyone who reads these data correctly will be getting a piece of the pie!

  • Parlays
    Simply put, a parlay is a bet involving more than one match. A parlay can include a combination of moneyline, scoring or total bets on one or more games per week. Ladbrokes offers a number of extremely interesting combinations for betting on the Superbowl, NCAA or NFL.
    When putting together a parlay, your potential payout is quite high, which means you’ll want to assess all events correctly. This reduces your risk, while increasing your chances of winning. On our site you'll find all the information you need to assess such a parlay responsibly and correctly: so challenge yourself to your heart's content!
  • Teasers
    A teaser is a kind of parlay where you place all your bets 'against the spread' or the total. As a bettor, you sacrifice a possibly higher payout in favour of more favourable spreads. You can also use teasers when betting on the total. Ladbrokes obviously offers you a long list of alternative spreads to choose from. This makes it easy, and also recommended, to change the spread for each game in both directions.
    Just as with a parlay, with a teaser you have to estimate all events correctly to win the bet. That is why American football betting at Ladbrokes gives you the very best odds. After all, we do everything in our power to inform you in the best possible way about every relevant detail!

Ladbrokes’ superior service: you won't be settling for less!

Betting online on the NCAA, NFL or Superbowl means opting for extra excitement in pure top entertainment.

Of course you want absolute certainty about the flawless handling of your money, your data... and your investment in leisure time. By being at the forefront of the global online gambling market, Ladbrokes has perfected its systems and services down to the last detail.

We rigorously apply all the rules concerning security, anonymity and privacy, while paying equal attention to a maximally stimulating gaming experience. The result is absolute peace of mind for anyone who chooses Ladbrokes to bet on our hundreds of casino games and sports, including American football.