Hockey Betting: Scoring tip-ins with Ladbrokes

Obviously, sports betting is about much more than football, formula 1 or horse racing. Ladbrokes offers betting on just about every sport, spoiling gambling enthusiasts of all kinds. Hockey therefore deserves its place in this range. This sport, in which physical, technique and talent make all the difference, contains tons of game elements that make betting on hockey more than worth your while. At Ladbrokes, we pride ourselves on providing every possible betting option, boosting both the excitement and fun to a whole new level.

Betting on hockey: which games to choose?

In Belgium and the Netherlands, hockey is a sport that attracts average (media) attention. In recent years, however, the national teams of both Belgium and the Netherlands have consistently performed very well. The consequences are as logical as they are clear: the popularity is booming spectacularly! This means that betting on hockey is also appealing to more and more betting enthusiasts. Hockey betting is hót, which increases the prize sizes and options.

But what games are we actually talking about? Allow us to elaborate. Betting on hockey is best known when it comes to the "bigger" matches, such as during the Olympic Games or a world championship. At the same time, the field of action is expanding: you can regularly gamble on matches in the Belgian and Dutch competition. What's more: the different types of hockey bets are also becoming more numerous, making every common bet an option in hockey betting.

Field hockey vs. ice hockey: two different worlds

Before you start informing online about your options for betting on hockey, we might have to clear up a common misunderstanding: In our region we mainly talk about field hockey. Many foreign sources speaking of "hockey", actually refer to ice hockey. The NHL in the US logically dominates the media when it comes to hockey and is usually referred to as "ice hockey", although international sources often simply refer to "hockey". At Ladbrokes, ice hockey and NHL bets are also available, but if you want to bet on your local hockey teams, it is best to specifically opt for "field hockey".

Betting on hockey: the colorful range of possibilities at Ladbrokes

As is the case with almost every sport, different types of bets can also be made when betting on hockey.

The most famous and popular betting option is betting on the outcome of a match. Who will win the match? Will it be a draw? This is of course the option with the lowest threshold; relatively little prior knowledge is required and the concept is extremely easy to understand. It is also the easiest way to start betting on hockey as a beginner.

Like a little more depth in your bets? Then you will find plenty of options at Ladbrokes to make your hockey bets more targeted and profitable. For example, you can try to predict how many goals will be scored in a match. Another classic betting type is over / under bets. In these betting options, Ladbrokes as a bookmaker provides a fair number, allowing you to predict whether the goal balance will be higher or lower. Of course we make sure to offer achievable opportunities for our customers, at the same time, everything is just challenging enough to be able to offer you the best profit margins.

Other common bets in hockey are about other aspects of the game. A typical phenomenon in hockey, for example, are ‘penalty corners’; you can guess how many penalty corners a team will get. Predicting other penalties also makes the experience for you as a spectator even more fascinating. One could argue this might not be absolutely necessary in a sport that is so overflowing with tension and elegance.

In any case, at Ladbrokes you will be spoiled with our wide range of options. Certainly in the larger matches, your options are comparable with those of other, "bigger" sports such as football, tennis or basketball.

How to be successful when betting on hockey?

Ready to start betting on hockey? In most cases this indicates that the sport already appeals to you anyway and that you already have some prior knowledge. However, if you are a novice hockey gambler, we at Ladbrokes are happy to share some very useful tips to help you increase your odds.

Familiarity with the sport itself: the rules, positions, faults… is extremely important for those who want to put their chances of winning into more than just fate or coincidence. In that respect, a decent knowledge of the players, the teams, the dynamics of the competition and the terrains is a true game changer. Hockey, like football, is a sport in which star players can determine a match. If a certain player does not participate, this can make all the difference between winning and losing. Some players have a more aggressive style and are more at risk for penalties, others are prone to injury, the chemistry between players can be great or challenging… these are all important facts to take into account in your hockey bets.

Another crucial aspect lies in the correct interpretation of the betting odds. These give you numbers that indicate how often a particular bet is paid out when a player wins. For example, if odds are at 3.00, you will receive three times your bet when winning. It all comes down to finding a nice balance between guts, insight and control. Low odds are scores or bets that are more likely to occur: the chances of getting it right are high, but the winnings are slightly smaller. High odds are reserved for bets that have a lower probability, which means we yield a lot more. We recommend that you divide your budget between risky and more stable bets, allowing you to always have a prospect of multiplying your initial bet. Do you have some inside information about a team or player that we do not know about? Then you could be rewarded with big gains!

Ladbrokes: all about safety and comfort!

If you choose Ladbrokes for betting on hockey, you can be sure of an extremely reliable partner and bookmaker, fuelled by tons of experience. All over the world, we ensure our customers a top gaming experience while being optimally protected. Both your financial data and your identity are meticulously guarded.

Our systems and algorithms are perfectly anonymous and fast, allowing you (and only you) to always know exactly where you stand. On top of that: the extremely beautiful and user-friendly interfaces on our sites will prove that choosing Ladbrokes is not a gamble, it’s common sense!