Betting online on tennis? Hit clear winners with Ladbrokes!

Tennis is one of the most entertaining sports in the world. Little beats a "good old" classic match-up between two athletes. As a one-on-one event, tennis is also quite rare among the popular sports. After all, the majority of sports bets are either team sports or activities in which an individual is entirely responsible for his own performance. Yet online tennis betting tops the list of most popular sports bets worldwide.

Why bet on tennis at Ladbrokes?

The popularity of tennis betting has its reasons: Tennis is simply one of the very best sports to bet on. Ladbrokes combines all the specific benefits of online tennis betting in a wide variety of exciting options!

Tennis is transparent… it is straightforward. Few sports can offer the same simplicity when it comes to online betting. Take, for instance, the number of random and therefore unpredictable variables: that is a lot smaller in tennis than in most other sports. Ladbrokes seamlessly extends this clarity in the ease of use and the various options you get to bet on your favourite tennis match. You can predict the cards in every detail of a game: handicap, every single game, every set, the possible scores, previous wins / losses ... You always know exactly what your chances are. Everything is perfectly clear, allowing you to make the best possible decisions.

Below we take a closer look at some of the major benefits of betting on tennis matches:

  • A first advantage lies in the number of participants involved: it is not about teams, but simply about two players. This of course opens up new prospects in analyzing an upcoming game. Instead of figuring out combinations with teams and benchwarmers, you can simply focus on these two key figures when betting on tennis matches. Analyzing the form, playing style, mental state, head-to-head records and physical condition of two players is much easier than with multiplayer teams.
  • Another great asset for those who want to bet on tennis: the limited impact of arbitration. In sports such as football, volleyball or basketball, referees have a major influence on the outcome of the match. Not a single top-level game is decided without the referees being criticized for a decision whether or not it was wrong. Imagine placing a solid bet on the outcome of a football match, but such questionable decisions lead to an unexpected goal and even a victory you didn't foresee. That’s not likely to happen when betting on tennis games. Of course, in team sports it is often possible to use arbitration as part of the bet, which in turn creates other possibilities. In any case, tennis is very clear. When betting on tennis matches, the referees have no influence on the big points of a match, because the technology is in place to guarantee the right decision at all times. The Hawk eye sees everything! Even if that technology were not available, the referees would still be able to check where the ball bounced at gravel or grass matches.
  • Another factor is time. Tennis matches play out for as long as it takes to find a winner, in other sports the outcome is limited by the time available, so teams sometimes deliberately aim to go for a draw. Tennis games never end in a draw.
  • Other external factors also have less influence on fans who bet on tennis. In a team sport, a star player can be injured or sent off, weather conditions can change and play into the hands of a particular team, the quality of the pitch can be poor... In tennis, these factors do not apply. Tennis courts are standard and uniform: Generally there are gravel courts, hard courts and grass courts: that's it!

With Ladbrokes, betting on tennis is child's play

An important aspect in placing a good bet is the availability of statistical information. In tennis there is an impressive list of details and statistics available. The good news is that at Ladbrokes, all that information is very easy to access for those who want to gamble on a tennis match. What's more: Using the statistics and live streaming you’ll find on our site, you don't need to have a great knowledge of tennis to enjoy exciting tennis betting. The clear interface ensures you will learn to interpret this wealth of available data flawlessly in order to be able to bet on tennis ever more successfully.

Our offer: a staggering number of matches.

Tennis only has a minimal break between seasons. Even when the top players are resting, lesser-known tennis players continue to play. In winter, tournaments are held in countries with a warm climate. In summer, tournaments are played in countries with a 'normal' climate. This means you can bet on tennis matches practically all year round.

Of course, Ladbrokes also has a permanent range of fascinating tennis matches on which you can place a bet. First of all, of course, the most prestigious tournaments are represented in our portfolio:

  • The "holy" Grand Slam tournaments are of course extremely popular. They are spectacles guaranteeing the most exciting and epic duels every year. Are you a Grand Slam lover? Then you can simply select which US Open bet offers you the best odds of winning. Or would you rather bet on Roland Garros? In just a few clicks or swipes you select your predictions on the gravel battlefield in Paris. Anyone who wants to bet on matches at Wimbledon will also get their money's worth, just like the player who aims to cash in an Australian Open bet.
  • You can also bet on all games within the ATP all year round. The wealth of matches and tournaments guarantees an extremely colourful and large choice on any surface. Here, the constant surprises are proper to the sport. Every match is exciting; whether it's between two top ten players or between players who are tens of points apart in the ranking.
  • Women's tennis has been extremely popular in Belgium since the days of Clijsters and Henin. This attraction continues to grow to the present day. Of course you can also bet as much as you like on the international Fed Cup at Ladbrokes. Women's tennis is, if possible, even less predictable than the male version. Here, sheer power rarely being the deciding factor, it is even more about technique and finesse. So the ideal ingredients for absolute excitement and sensation are present in every match no matter what.

Safe and easy, without unforced errors

At Ladbrokes, betting online on tennis not only is super fun and exciting; it is also safe. As a top player on the world stage, we are extremely strict in ensuring everything is done safely and anonymously; in accordance with the current regulations in Belgium.

From your own home (or from anywhere with your tablet or smartphone) you play at your own pace and with the budget of your choice. Everything is done online using the most advanced techniques, also for payments, always allowing you to enjoy your portion of non-binding entertainment with utmost peace of mind. Since your convenience is sacred to us, security and privacy go without saying. As a result; the choice for Ladbrokes is not only a choice of emotion, it is also the most sensible one.