Online cycling betting: Ladbrokes leads the pack!

Cycling is one of the toughest sports you can practice. Riders invariably challenge the limit of their physical and mental abilities to make it to the podium. This almost mythical dimension also makes it a very attractive sport to bet on. Besides encouraging the gladiators, betting on cycling is a great way to enjoy the sport even more. Both beginners and experienced gamblers are increasingly finding their way to this "primal sport". At Ladbrokes, we make sure your blood, sweat and tears too are optimally rewarded ... provided you know the peloton and the race you have chosen, of course! In any case: It goes without saying that we keep your options for possible cycling bets as wide as possible ...

Want to bet on cycling successfully? Research goes a long way…

The very first thing you should do before taking the step to bet on cycling is, as is usually the case, research. Cycling is a very exciting sport with an enormous amount of participants, parameters, types of races ... and therefore also: possible betting options.

First of all: make sure you use the correct data. Of course it remains sports, some luck is definitely involved, so anyone who strives for an all-winning success formula will (fortunately) come up empty handed. However, you can significantly increase your chances by learning who performs better in which type of race, examining the influence of the terrain, studying the consequences of weather conditions… This data is available on our and other websites. The benefits of this approach are double: more insight provides more fun and greater rewards.

Cycling betting: an exciting challenge

Betting on cycling is the ideal lucrative pastime for real sports fans. Profit is pre-eminently reserved for those who fully understand the sport. During a season, so many unpredictable and therefore exciting developments unfold, it will keep you on edge for a whole year. Every cycling season is packed with surprises and emerging new talent. Ladbrokes helps its customers to always maintain a clear overview. After all, it’s not just about isolated competitions; keeping a cool head and sticking to his long-term forecasts often provides the greatest chance of good profits.

The profitable ‘tours’

The grand cycling tours are just about the biggest events in sports. First of all, there is of course the ‘Tour De France’, but also the ‘Giro d'Italia’, the ‘Tour Down Under’ and the ‘Vuelta’ are sports events that gain a lot of attention worldwide.

In fact, betting on who will reach the Champs Elysées rocking the yellow jersey is one of the largest and most anticipated gambling events in the whole world. Choosing a winner is far from easy though. Everything depends on the individual shape of the moment, the team selections and tactics, not to mention: possible injuries. This applies to all cycling races, but for the Tour these are elements that dominate the sports media for months in advance.

In addition to the grand tours, the teams follow a full program during the season, from January to October, which is overflowing with opportunities for enthusiasts who like to bet on cycling. Well-known big stage races are: the ‘Tirreno-Adriatico’ in Italy in the early spring, ‘Paris-Nice’ in March, Spanish stage races such as the ‘Volta Ciclista a Catalunya’ and the ‘Itzulia Basque’, the ‘Tour de Romandie’ and the ‘Tour de Switzerland’. The "warming up" of the Tour de France during the ‘Critérium du Dauphiné’ in June is also a great opportunity for you to refine your cycling race bets.

Predicting the winners of a stage or the general classification is logically the most popular bet, but you can also predict who will win the team rankings, the points classification, the mountain prizes and the "best youngster trophy".

Ladbrokes: ‘classic’ among ‘classics’

The so-called "classics" also attract enormous attention from sports fans and people who like to bet on cycling races. These heroic one-day races, mainly held in spring and autumn, feature the five classical monuments: ‘Milan-San Remo’ (Italy), ‘Tour of Flanders’ (Belgium), ‘Paris-Roubaix’ (France), ‘Liège-Bastogne-Liège’ (Belgium) and the ‘Giro di Lombardia’ (Italy). These are all prestigious titles that every professional cyclist is happy to contest. If you manage to predict the outcomes of these epic races, your joy may be at least as great.

Both in the classic one-day races and during individual chapters at grand tours, at Ladbrokes you can also perfectly adjust the "in-play odds" to your liking. These are results that start varying dynamically as soon as the starting gun is fired. How do the roles within a team manifest themself? Who turns out to be a potential stage winner and who wallows in a servant role? What are the goals of the teams for each ride? Who are the major riders lined up to aim for glory? How do the general rankings play their part? These are all questions that are extremely relevant when placing bets in cycling races.

Also keep an eye on the role of the ‘escape’ and the effect it has on "live odds". The riders who manage to break away from the peloton can invariably count on a prestige boost and extra media attention. Still, it remains extremely difficult to keep ahead of the pack; most of the times, these brave souls get caught by the pack… or will they? You tell us!

At Ladbrokes, you're in the right place to optimally use your knowledge and gut feeling for placing successful long or short-term bets. You will find tons of useful information on our platforms, which are intuitive and extremely user-friendly. This way, we don't just keep your chances fair, we fundamentally increase them! We are therefore a renowned ‘classic’ among the providers of cycling races betting.

Ladbrokes: At the front of the peloton

The exciting world of cycling race betting is proudly presented to you by Ladbrokes. Anyone who clicks into our pedals can count on a rigorous commitment to security, privacy and anonymity. Our high-end platforms protect the fun, the excitement and the comfort, while they perfectly exclude any unpleasant or incorrect situation. That is the advantage of joining an absolute forerunner in the industry. Every local regulation, also in Belgium, is a binding guideline for us.