Ligue 1 betting: Ladbrokes scatters assists

In recent years, the French Ligue 1 football league has also grown into one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world. More and more stars found their way to the French pitches, causing the quality and the spectacle to skyrocket. Where French top players used to mainly move to the Premier League, the Serie A or La Liga, they can now be admired in their home country just as often. That attraction has not gone unnoticed by gambling enthusiasts. Want to bet on the Ligue 1 yourself? In Ladbrokes you will find your perfect assist-king, allowing you to score plenty!

For both the regular betting enthusiast and the fans of advanced betting

Just like everywhere else, in Ligue 1 betting match results are by far the most popular bets. That doesn’t change the fact that in this competition, you can bet on just about every detail of the game. The Ligue 1 is pre-eminently characterized by an enormous diversity of playing styles, personalities and qualities. French football is spontaneous and technical at the same time. Conservative play is just as successful as spectacular football. This makes this competition the ideal playground for anyone who wants to enjoy football in its entirety. It also ensures nice unpredictability, especially between teams in the sub-top and middle bracket. At the top, the favorites have been quite marked for several years: PSG, for example, is by far the most successful team of the last decade. Still, there is a nice balance between favorites and underdogs, between surprise and predictability.

Betting on the Ligue 1? Keep an eye on the statistics!

Despite its versatility and offensive opulence, the Ligue 1 is still perceived as a defensive competition. Football is frisky, but the goal amounts remain quite low. This is important knowledge for those aiming for successful Ligue 1 bets. It means bets on goal difference should be kept modest! This contrasts heavily with the wide amount of exciting in-game bets: this competition is brimming with remarkable feats of unseen football talent and defensive genius.

The home advantage in the Ligue 1 is around the European average. In terms of home win percentage, the Ligue 1 is fourth. They follow the Spanish La Liga in terms of average points at home, as well as for the average goal advantage for home teams. Definitely a statistic to take into account when you bet on the League 1.

Due to the low goal difference, Ligue 1 is last in Europe for matches in which both teams score. They also top the list of competitions in which matches end 0-0. Again, this data doesn't say anything about the attractiveness of the football displayed, but it is very relevant to gamblers.

The last seven seasons in Ligue 1 were all dominated by Paris Saint Germain (PSG), which also almost always pushed itself far into the European Champions League, the French Cup and the Coupe de la Ligue. The Parisians have therefore been an absolute favorite for those who wanted to bet on the Ligue 1 in recent years.

Olympique Marseille and Saint Etienne both hold the title of French first division record champions; they each have ten titles to their name. Marseille was crowned champion last time in 2010, while for Saint Etienne, this goes back to 1981. Paris Saint Germain has won a total of eight titles, as have Monaco and Nantes.

Why bet on the Ligue 1?

But why has the Ligue 1 now become one of the most popular leagues in European football? Simple: As one of the world's richest football leagues, the top division of French football has been attracting some of the biggest names in football. France's top clubs are now competing annually in both the Champions League and the Europa League. In other words, money is growing in the Ligue 1, which leads to the quality boost needed to compete at the top of the sport… and the betting markets.

The variety of options for Ligue 1 betting is enormous. Whoever wants to bet on the Ligue 1 has no less than 380 matches to choose from every year. Of course, this large amount of games also leads to low commissions charged by bookmakers. Ladbrokes resolutely chooses to offer its customers maximum profit distribution. This explains its great popularity among gambling enthusiasts. This spectacular growth potential, which by the way is still far from its peak, ensures a lot of money and profits to be made in this specific competition. Moreover: The Ligue 1 is the biggest success story of the last decades in that respect.

Responsible and lucrative Ligue 1 betting

Whatever sport or competition you want to bet on, the consistent application of a well-reasoned betting strategy remains crucial. Whether you are new to gambling or an experienced gambler, Ladbrokes always gives you clear and relevant information to optimize your odds.

The range at Ladbrokes is very wide: over / under, match result, top scorer, futures, handicaps… You choose what you bet on. You can do this before the match or start of the entire competition, but also during a match. This way, you can intervene adequately and use the insights you gain as the game enrolls. Almost all matches from the Ligue 1 can be streamed on various online channels.

You will of course get the biggest winnings when you successfully apply your knowledge and feeling before the matches are played. As always, thorough research is indispensable. As one of the most anticipated football leagues, the Ligue 1 is also strongly represented online. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to find the information you need to really score on your Ligue 1 bets.

Knowledge, talent, luck and the Ladbrokes service / interfaces give you every opportunity to let your gaming pleasure reverberate after the match, counting substantial winnings. Moreover, our systems allow you to keep an eye on your budget at all times, ensuring any disappointment never becomes more than just part of the game.

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