Betting on snooker? Pot it with Ladbrokes!

Snooker is a sport for men and women ‘of distinction’. Every match and every tournament is bathed in that typical, high-quality atmosphere, including the slightly nostalgic touch. It's also an incredibly thrilling sport that takes skill, nerves of steel and focus to a whole new level. Of course, that tension lends itself extremely well to top entertainment for anyone who wants to bet on snooker. A snooker match ticks all the boxes that are so important in gambling: tension, nerve-racking, concentration and… euphoria. Ladbrokes prides itself in immersing you into the unique atmosphere and experience of every small and large snooker match.

Types of snooker bets

Tournaments all over the planet are played all year round. At Ladbrokes, we collect the best and most renowned of them into a dizzying offering for our customers. This gives you the maximum freedom of choice to gamble on snooker.

For starters, there are of course the three biggest and most important tournaments: The UK Championship in December, the Masters in January and the World Championship in late April / early May. In addition, there are numerous other events on the schedule in which players can improve or lose their ranking. Finally, there are also championships in which no ranking, but often considerable prizes can be won… in addition to honor and glory of course.

At Ladbrokes you will find a wide variety of snooker bet types:

Tournament Bets: These are perhaps the easiest and most popular sort of bets among bettors of all levels. All you do is predict a snooker player who you think will outclass the competition and thus win the tournament. These bets are ideal for gamblers who have a general idea of ​​the sport but are everything but experts.

Match Betting: Another very popular way to bet on snooker. You simply predict who will win a particular match. This is also very straightforward, because there are no draws in this sport. This form of betting on snooker is a very attractive choice for both the expert and the beginner.

Exact Score: Here the bettor must predict an exact result at the end of the match. We recommend these snooker bets for experienced gamblers with sufficient knowledge of the players, results and previous matches.

A maximum "break": Which snooker player gets the maximum amount of points in a row (= scoring a continuous series)? You can bet on this during a certain match, but also for the entire tournament. For experts ... or the daring.

Handicaps: In a match where one of the players is clearly more skilled and has a higher position in the ranking than his opponent, it is always very appealing to predict different handicaps. To avoid draws, these handicaps are set at levels like: - 0.5, -1.5, -2.5 and so on. This type of bet is, of course, mainly for experienced gamblers who know the sport through and through.

Live betting: Naturally there are also different ways to bet on snooker live. The most popular ones are: "Who will win the match?", "Who will win the current frame?", "Who will win the next frame?" And "Who will score the next ball?". When betting live, it is crucial to always be on your toes. Despite the undeniable impact of skill and talent, snooker is a very dynamic discipline and the situation at the pool table is constantly changing. This type of betting is therefore only recommended to gamblers with both vast experience and nerves of steel. Needless to say, the satisfaction of success is just as big.

Betting on snooker: the Ladbrokes tips!

Knowledge of the players is an absolute must. Before betting on snooker, check out some tournaments and the recent history of the playing field. Every player has his or her heights and lows; make sure you know how each player is doing. The personal goals of the participants also determine their performance. On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you are guaranteed to find up-to-date information about the mental state and private situation of those involved. Because mental health is so decisive, this generally determines more than all the statistics and technical details put together.

Learn how to analyze the fitness, playing style and preparation of a particular snooker player. Snooker is a sport that demands utmost concentration and a "clear mind"; all rumors about an unhealthy lifestyle or family problems are absolutely relevant. Moreover, an athlete can also experience minor injuries (in this case especially back injuries). Such information can also mean the difference between winning and losing, also for you as a gambler.

Almost inhuman mental stability and the serenity to perform under immense pressure are key in snooker. Moreover, unlike tennis or football players, snooker players don't get to let their guard down for one second. It’s no coincidence you never hear snooker players yelling at their opponent or throwing the cue in frustration; they simply cannot afford that. Players must keep calm at all times. Right after a step up to a higher competition, and therefore; more media attention, we sometimes witness players having a hard time keeping their cool. Keep this in mind when you bet on snooker.

Also: Take surprises into account, they occur quite frequently in this sport. The reasons for this lie in what we wrote above: everything in the player's life matters and no one can withstand the whims of fate. Especially in the slightly less prestigious tournaments we often see unexpected scenarios.

Do mind the seasonal phase too. During the first tournaments of the season, snooker players are often still in holiday mode and the condition of theoretically stronger athletes sometimes leaves much to be desired. The greatest number of unexpected results occur during this specific and crucial period in the season. The real gamblers of course, know perfectly how to use this to their advantage.

Analyze the tournament grid: Very important, especially when you want to bet on the overall winner of the tournament. It may well happen that your favorite is presented with the most difficult matches after the draw procedure. This makes his route to the final a lot more difficult than the statistics show.

Ladbrokes monitors your safety and your fun

Betting on snooker is an extremely exciting and even stimulating leisure activity. You as a player deserve only the best and safest service. Ladbrokes successfully strives every single day to make the experience perfectly match the elegant, stylish and high-pitched game that is snooker.

We do this by reverting to decades of expertise in online systems, legislation and user experience. This way, you can focus completely on your favorite game. We take care of all the rest, in accordance with the most recent regulations in your region of course.