Serie A betting at Ladbrokes: anything but dolce far niente!

There is a lot of football spectacle to be witnessed in Italy. Some of the most renowned teams are based in the “boot of Europe” and the Squadra Azurra justly terrifies every opponent. The passion, lust for life and elegance Italians are so proud of, are all showcased in their finely strung football game. Pure sensation is guaranteed. Betting on the Serie A is therefore a very attractive pastime for gamblers all over the world. At Ladbrokes, we bring the Italian sun right to your screen… and with a bit of luck, your wallet may benefit as well!

Serie A betting: the top teams

Betting on the top favorite is a perfect way to gain relative certainty of winnings. Knowing who is the favorite in each match can be even more rewarding when you bet on the winning underdog at the right time. As in almost all football competitions, there are a number of rules that can make betting on Serie A a lot more interesting... and not only because of the high quality football!

One of those certainties is an "old lady". For decades, Juventus has consolidated itself in the top of the rankings. Football wouldn't be a sport and betting wouldn't be a game of chance if that position wasn't permanently under attack. There are some other Italian teams that compete with Juventus every season. A tip: check which teams invariably do well in the European champions League. In recent years, Italian teams have emerged on the European stage as some of the most interesting and spectacular participants. The two rivals from Milan: Inter and AC are, just like Lazio and As Roma, forces to be reckoned with. Nevertheless, Napoli, Atalanta and other smaller teams are also becoming increasingly bold in their ambitions.

This development also translates into the domestic competition, in which surprises are increasingly common. Ladbrokes perfectly brings the blazing fire of this exhilarating competition to its betting platforms.

Wanna bet on the Serie A? It’s all about personalities

The typically Southern European culture, in which untouchable role models and leading figures play an important role, is also reflected in Italian football. Just think of names such as Maldini, Nesta, Maradona, Baggio, Ronaldo (the Brazilian ex-striker), Buffon, Totti ...

Something about Italian football apparently makes it extra sensitive to individual performance and the impact of unique players. You should also keep an eye on that when placing your Serie A bets, because even now there are some personalities on the Italian pitches who make all the difference. Old warrior Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan), for example, or Napoli striker Immobile… and what to say about the phenomenon Cristiano Ronaldo? Incidentally, two Belgians also reside in that select company. Dries Mertens (Napoli) and Romelu Lukaku (Inter) became true heroes in Italy. It only increases the attraction of the games and the whole narrative of the competition.

Ladbrokes fine-tunes your strategy

Consider a double bet

A double bet, also known as "each-way wager", means that you are betting on “two horses in the same race”. One bet goes to the team you predict to become the winner, another aims at a particular ranking for that team. This way you bet on the one obtaining the title, but at the same time you’re betting on who will take first or second place. If this team then becomes champion, both Serie A bets will be paid out. If they finish second, only that bet will be cashed.


Avoid at all costs betting on teams you barely know. Try to watch as many matches as possible and at least focus on the highlights of each week. These earlier confrontations will also tell you a lot about the current opportunities. Every team has specific opponents that prove easier or harder to beat. Use this to your advantage when you bet on the Serie A.

Other determining factors are, of course, fatigue and motivation. Due to the strong presence on the European stage, many Italian teams play more matches than average. When a team had a tough midweek game, the physical condition can be lower during the weekend. This also affects possible injuries or replacements.

When a team already ensured itself of the wanted position, the motivation will probably be slightly lower...

All these aspects can easily make the difference between a profitable and a losing Serie A bet. So make sure you perform enough research to keep your chances optimal.

Away and home reputation

The passion of the Italian fans is notoriously known. Naturally, this will affect the matches. Many teams can show just that little bit more effort in front of their “own” audience. On the other hand, there are also teams that thrive, like real gladiators, when confronted with fierce vocal opposition. In addition, a winning bet on the away team is usually a lot more profitable than the more predictable home wins.

The Ladbrokes offer: your dizzying number of options

A fan of Serie A betting? then Ladbrokes is the right choice for you. You will easily find all possible types of Serie A bets in our offer. Below, we listed the most popular ones:

Pre-Match bets

Before each match you can of course bet on different results, such as: the score, who wins, who scores first, who scores the last goal ... Another very popular bet in Serie A is to predict the total number of goals scored.

Handicap betting

With a handicap, you win more by betting on the favorite. If you bet on Juventus -1, they have to win by two goals for your bet to pay off, but you earn more than if you just bet on a win.

In-Play betting

During the matches you will also find many exciting bets at Ladbrokes. By betting after the first whistle, you are able to first “feel the match” in order to make an educated guess.

Futures betting

This is a long-term bet on the outcome of a particular tournament or championship, such as the title winner, top four or relegation battle. The odds, especially in Serie A, change over the course of the season, depending on form and stake. There are many opinions and predictions online to help you with this. Ladbrokes also provides you with a lot of relevant information on our website.

Serie A betting at Ladbrokes: a flawless experience

Whatever type of bet you choose, no matter how big or small, Ladbrokes will turn it into a most rewarding experience. By permanently developing our state-of-the-art systems, we guarantee maximum safety, fairness and fun. After all, it's what we've been doing for decades.