Want to bet on basketball? At Ladbrokes you are MVP!

When it comes to basketball betting, Ladbrokes simply is one of the biggest names you will find. Experts and all official sources therefore rightly describe us as an extremely reliable and effective bookmaker for placing bets on your favorite sport: basketball! Not only in the US, but also in Europe, the sport has rocketed to the top of the online betting firmament over the past few years.

Betting on basketball at Ladbrokes has its advantages

Whoever chooses to bet on basketball at Ladbrokes naturally enjoys all the possible advantages a global player has to offer. And in our case, there are quite a few... an anthology:

  • Of course, our big name goes hand in hand with an impeccable reputation for reliability and soundness.
  • The effective betting options during matches are very extensive.
  • We have a vast selection of basketball events and tournaments to choose from. The world at the click of a finger, so to speak...
  • We offer various banking and payment options, all of which are extremely reliable.
  • A downright spectacular ease of use. No complex installations or dubious software: just click and play!

NCAA and NBA bets

Of course, Ladbrokes cannot do without the two 'primal leagues', the competitions that have made basketball betting big. That is why we offer a huge range of NCAA and NBA bets. For example, want to try betting on the NBA playoff? Then Ladbrokes is the place for you! These number one leagues of the sport are full of excitement, spectacle and fun. The Lakers, Clippers, Bulls… all NBA teams fire the imagination, and with good reason!

Got a prognosis as to who will take the title? Or are you aiming for the winner of the Eastern or Western conference? It goes from big to 'small' (although the latter is relative). That way you can perfectly bet on who will win the individual divisions and states . Of course, you can also bet on a wide range of other parameters for each specific match.

National and international competitions: gentle(wo)men, place your bets!

Country teams also very regularly contest captivating top-level games in various competitions, worldwide or per continent, like the European FIBA championships for instance. It goes without saying you can also enjoy our large selection of basketball bets. Chauvinist, healthy opportunist or both? Fun and excitement are to be found at Ladbrokes anyway.

Euroleague basketball betting: the royal league

Since 1958, the EuroLeague basketball has stood for truly top European basketball in different guises. Moreover, this competition has grown enormously in recent years. Even for those not familiar with European basketball, there are still plenty of well-known names every sports fan will recognize. Think of renowned giants such as: Real Madrid, Barcelona, CSKA Moskou, Fenerbahce, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos and Macca Tel Aviv… Euroleague basketball betting is therefore the perfect way to unite every aspect of this growing sport in Europe. It is an extremely exciting competition, in which established names are challenged every year by surprising newcomers. Basketball betting usually is a little easier to predict than football, but here too the ball is round and every game has to be played.

How to bet on basketball? Let Ladbrokes guide you with facts and figures

Another strong asset of the Ladbrokes site is the fact that we offer a wealth of relevant knowledge on our site. You will find statistics, live results, comments on major sporting events, sports news and a betting calculator. None of these individual aspects may be indispensable on their own, but they can all be easily checked out in one place. In short: On our site you will find all the insights you need to take a well-calculated guess!

Why bet on basketball?

Basketball as a sport of course has some very specific characteristics that make betting hugely attractive. We will list them for you:

The better team usually wins
Unlike in football, where teams can be dominated and still land an unexpected victory with a single moment of efficiency, in basketball the dominant team is much more likely to win. That has everything to do with the higher scoring rate in the game. It's not about a few defining moments, like in football, but about an accumulation of points. As a result, the best team almost always wins. This means basketball betting is a bit more predictable for those who know the sport a little better… an advantage not to be underestimated.

Lots of figures, lots of satisfaction
Nothing like seeing your predictions come true down to the smallest detail. Because of the many points scored in a basketball game, you can really distinguish yourself as a true expert. This makes betting on basketball very satisfying for those who really know their sport. The financial reward comes as a bonus!

Wide range of betting options
The high scores specific to basketball open up a wide variety of possibilities for all kinds of unique bets.

One of the most popular basketball bets is to predict the point spread, a bit like the handicap in other sports. Here you can bet on how big the point difference will be. For example, you can bet the Clippers will beat the Lakers by at least 5 points; for every score exceeding this number, you win. An ideal way to win on the favourite with extra depth. You can also bet on an underdog and specify a positive point spread (e.g.: +4.5), which is added to the overall point total when calculating your bet result.

What's more, at Ladbrokes you can bet on almost every parameter of a game: fouls, free throws, referee decisions... Like placing a long-term bet? Then you can predict who will win an entire competition.

Pure fun with friends

Betting on basketball with Ladbrokes is also just a lot of fun for you and your friends. Because every second something happens you can bet on, you soon get a permanent excitement and competitive atmosphere. This creates a whole new dimension while enjoying a sports match.

Random bets on atypical things, such as an even or odd point score, can only add to the fun.

Your friend is a real fan of a certain team, but you are a little less passionate? Then a bet can give you extra motivation to cheer together. On the other hand, you can also tease your company to the fullest by going for the other team. Entertainment guaranteed!

Nevertheless, the main reason people bet on basketball still remains… entertainment. It should be fun. That is why Ladbrokes ensures everything is done responsibly and safely. You don't have to play with large sums of money if it doesn't actually fit in with your budget. Winning is fun, losing should not be a tragedy.

Basketball betting: super easy and safe with Ladbrokes

It is confirmed by all our satisfied players: The layout of our website is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Add to that our smooth and extremely diverse payment options and you know your comfort is our top priority. Not only in use, but also in terms of peace of mind. For decades, Ladbrokes has been strongly committed to a secure online environment in which everyone can simply enjoy the extra punch that betting adds to the sporting event. This way, we do not only help our customers, but also the sports themselves.