Handball betting? Ladbrokes gives you more than just a hand!

Handball may not generally be perceived as being the greatest sport worldwide, nevertheless, handball betting is immensely popular among gamblers. Learning to bet on handball is very easy and merit is inversely proportional to the scale of the game. That is why seasoned gamblers are successfully targeting both domestic and international competitions. Ladbrokes gladly explains from needle to thread how to maximize your odds on handball betting.

Handball betting: the basics

Handball has quite a rich history and has gradually evolved from an outdoor sport to the modern indoor version we all know today. That transition made the game faster and more dynamic, while the indoor locations provided a more intense atmosphere. Unsurprisingly, this evolution has led to an increase in handball bets.

A handball match is decided between two teams of seven players each - six field players and one in the goal - on an inner court of 40 by 20 meters. A match is divided into two halves of 30 minutes each. The mission for the players is simple: scoring more goals than the opponent by throwing a ball into the goal. It is broadly similar to basketball: handball also involves players using their hands to manipulate a ball and dribble it in a similar way. The game tension changes all the time during a match between the two teams, who alternately use an attacking or defensive strategy. There are also some parallels with rugby, as players are allowed to physically intervene to stop a rival. An important condition is that making contact is only allowed from the front. When a defender stops the attacker in another way, the play is paused and then restarted by the attacking team. In terms of scoring patterns, handball is also closer to basketball than it is to football. This is, of course, an important element with regard to handball betting, as it evidently determines your approach as a gambler to quite a large extent. The game is very smooth, showing unlimited, continuous switches. As a result, scoring is usually done in clusters, with teams that focus on attacks and building momentum and / or lead. Whoever gets the upper hand, both defensively and offensively, wins the match.

Handball betting at Ladbrokes: stay alert!

As soon as you’re familiar with the sport and its characteristics, it is time to delve into the wide range of possibilities for betting on handball. At Ladbrokes of course, you get quite a few nice options to choose from! Again, the comparison with basketball is largely applicable. Those who aim to vary and are looking for a slightly more original variant for their basketball and NBA bets, will find exactly what they need with Ladbrokes' bandball bets. On the other hand, the playing field among gamblers is typically very divers: you will learn how to take advantage of this as you go.

Below, we would like to explain our most common options:

  • Match Betting: A straight forward way to immerse yourself completely in the thrill of a handball match. You simply predict the winner. This is by far the most accessible form of handball betting.
  • Handicap betting: Ladbrokes assigns a positive or negative handicap to each team. This determines the size of your win or loss based on the score.
  • Total bettings: Predict how many goals the teams will score. Usually you bet on a score below or above a certain number set by the bookmaker. It’s a clever way to bet on handball as it is a much less exact way of predicting than many other bets.
  • First half betting: Here you bet on who has the highest number of points at the end of the first half. Of course, this doesn't say anything about who ultimately wins the match, but it is an excellent way to capitalize on your knowledge about the teams. After all, some teams do perform better at the start of the match… and vice versa.
  • "Future" or "outright" betting: This is where you bet for a team to win an entire tournament or have a series of wins during a multiple game event.

Handball betting: knowledge is power

More than anything, the key to success is your knowledge about the teams and players. At Ladbrokes, we’re happy to help you improve your handball expertise. We therefore gladly provide you with some of the most important statistics and facts to take into account when betting on handball matches.

Thoroughly analysing individual players and teams by monitoring previous matches, blogs, social media and news is always a good start. There are teams for whom the home advantage is an important parameter and teams performing better in away-matches. Meticulously following up on these parameters is a good way to improve your chances.

Like many other sports, there is also a large number of statistics on which you can place handball bets: points differences, penalties, substitutions, ball possession… Good knowledge of these aspects will certainly increase your chance of great winnings.

Handball Betting: The comprehensive Ladbrokes match guide

Ladbrokes offers betting options for a wide variety of handball matches and events. You’ll certainly find the competitions that offer the most interesting opportunities for you:

  • World Handball Championship : This event is played every two years between national teams from all over the world. It is played in a group stage followed by the knockout rounds.
  • European handball championships: The European Championship tournament is also played every two years and has the best countries in Europe compete for the main prize. This championship also counts as qualification for the World Cup.
  • The Olympic Games : This prestigious tournament takes place every four years, allowing countries to compete for Olympic gold. Handball was first introduced during the 1972 Olympics.
  • Domestic leagues: Of course, at Ladbrokes, we also provide a wide range of possibilities to bet on handball within your favourite league. The German Bundesliga, the Spanish League, Italy… they are all represented in our titillating offer.

Security, privacy and user comfort: Ladbrokes scores, the goals are yours

Why choose Ladbrokes now? There are countless good reasons for this… Firstly, Being a world player in the betting industry, Ladbrokes is perfectly placed to follow and even steer all technological evolutions. This means that those who play with us, are always guaranteed to be supported by the most up to date systems and thus safe experience that fully meets all official standards, including those applying in your specific region. Secondly, we know what really matters to the players: an undisturbed gaming sensation that also observes the strictest privacy regulations. After all, we work every day on optimizing our online software, making sure that payments and the betting games themselves are handled with maximum transparency.