Table Tennis Betting: Everything on the table with Ladbrokes

Table tennis, also called ping pong, is an ultra-dynamic and fast game. It is a distant variation on the classic tennis game, but actually: it cannot be compared with anything. The defining factors are atypical, bizarre even, and above all: a guarantee of great excitement. Every match delivers a real nerve blowing spectacle to fans and players. No wonder betting on table tennis has become extremely popular. Ladbrokes gladly explains to you all these typical oddities. On this page, we would like to immerse you in the characteristic aspects, such as the importance of time and rules. This way, you are fully informed and ready for success.

Betting on table tennis: where time truly becomes money

Let's get straight to the point: The single most important insight in table tennis betting is that time determines just about everything. The average time to score one point in table tennis is between 4 and 8 seconds. The duration of an average set is barely 1 to 3 minutes. Specialists have calculated that the net amount of time spent actually playing the game, makes up only 17-25 percent of the duration of a match. Surprising, isn't it? Where do those remaining minutes, or even hours, go?

The rest of the time goes into players switching sides between sets, challenging the referees' decisions, taking care of personal hygiene (drying face with a towel; tensions is high) and of course: the familiar ball bouncing on the table, creating maximum suspense before serving. As a result, matches can take anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour, depending on: the number of sets, the playing style and the technique of the players.

The large number of dynamic "side events" in each match makes this sport extremely interesting for live betting. Therefore, you will find those bets in abundance at Ladbrokes. The odds change very quickly in the course of the matches and the impact on the result is usually quite substantial. A "handicap" of 5-6 points in a set can be completely eliminated or turned around in no time. This means anyone who wants to bet on table tennis must be ready to make decisions and adjustments at lightning speed. Therefore, a predetermined strategy is adviced.

On serve or reception: no predictable advantage

Unlike classic tennis, the player who serves in table tennis has no automatic advantage. Everything depends on the playing style of specific opponents. This shows how your success as a gambler depends entirely on your knowledge and your observational skills during the game. Whereas in tennis and, be it vice versa; in volleyball, there is a clear advantage for serving or receiving, in table tennis you simply have to predict who plays best.

The time you get for this analysis seems short: In the Olympics, World Championships and World Tour high-ranking tournaments, the singles matches are held with seven sets. In doubles and smaller tournaments, each match consists of five sets. Yet this is more than enough to maximize your chances, just because of the time you get during the "non-sport related" time slots.

All types of table tennis bets at Ladbrokes

Of course, a sport with that many variable elements deserves an equally wide range of betting options. That is exactly what you will find as soon as you log in to the Ladbrokes interface. Like to bet on just results? Or is it the handicaps that interest you? Or would you rather bet on the total number of sets? Let’s explain to you our most important table tennis bets:

Outcome and / or Win: A table tennis bet on the outcome of the first game or the entire match allows bettors to bet on a player's win in the match, with increased odds. This is, of course, a great option for those who are sure their favorite is motivated, knows his opponent well, and starts the game with maximum determination.

Total number of games or sets: You can also bet on how many games or sets the respective players will play. This way, you are betting on "the scenario of the game". Quite lucrative when you possess the feeling for correctly estimating how the game will play out. Knowledge of the players and perception skills are your keys to success.

Over or under scores: these bets focus on the amount of points. Is this more or less than a certain number? Who will score five points first? Who will be the first to win seven games? Know the answers to these pressing questions? Then you have a great chance of making solid profits!

Different types of handicap: Ok, let’s say one player is better than the other. But how much better? This can be expressed in point totals or numbers of sets won. A very attractive way to bet on table tennis is to map out the handicaps.

Table tennis betting: how to analyse the game?

Almost everyone has played a game of ping pong with friends and/or family in his/her life. A ping pong table is even a trendy item in many offices nowadays. This does not mean that real connoisseurs are common.

It is no surprise that the best information has long been gathered in the Asian world, just as the dominance of Asian players is also well known. Nevertheless, the US and Europe are catching up fast. Relevant information is getting easy to find here as well. For real inside information, you still depend on your gut feeling and experience. In any case, you don't have to be an expert to bet on table tennis. Objective information, such as ranking, head-to-head scores and results of recent matches, will tell you a lot.

Especially with live table tennis betting, there is a lot of profit to be made because of the incredible speed and dynamics that define this game. That is also why it is important to know the odds and the ratios between the players. You can use this to develop a strategy for betting live during the game. Another advantage: You maintain a solid level of control. It is best to keep the amount of your bet, for example in the event of a loss in the third set, still possible to increase on the fourth set. This is truly helpful, because the chance that one of the contesters will win 4-0 is usually very small.

Since table tennis sets are played up to 11 points, the chances of an even total in the set are higher than in volleyball or badminton, where the set is played to 25 and 21 points respectively.

The most important thing is to realize that table tennis bets are by definition unpredictable and that you should always keep your cool… just like the players. In the ultra-safe and appealing online environments of Ladbrokes, you have every opportunity to do just that!