Betting on the Bundesliga: the profitability of German football!

An impressive talent pool, record-breaking spectator numbers and high scoring games: the Bundesliga has it all! The immense global appeal is therefore all but surprising. Also in Belgium, a rapidly growing number of fans is enjoying this collection of thrilling top matches every week. Want to claim your share in this spectacular competition? At Ladbrokes, you’ll find the most exciting Bundesliga bets. Betting on the Bundesliga doesn’t get easier, safer or more fun than here!

How to bet on the Bundesliga? Ladbrokes gets you started.

As is the case for just about all types of online betting at Ladbrokes, we also offer a spectacular number of options for betting on Bundesliga matches and / or the entire league. We don’t limit your choice to just predicting a winner; over / under bets, handicaps, top scorers, goal balances, red cards, penalties… Here, you can bet on just about anything related to your selected football match.

Bundesliga for beginners

The format of the German Bundesliga is very similar to that of all other European top leagues. Eighteen clubs compete each season, with the three worst performing clubs relegated to the second tier, while the top three earn their place at the top of German professional football. It’s also an ideal competition for bettors, as the matches are widely broadcasted and can also be watched in other countries, including Belgium. There are numerous streaming services that include these matches in their offer. On the Ladbrokes site, you can follow up on the scores and all important events. Betting on the Bundesliga allows fans to become fully part of the action… a sensational experience indeed!

As is the case in most football competitions, matches in the Bundesliga are straightforward and highly recognizable to Belgian gamblers. Anyone who follows our national competition will easily notice the similarities… and the big betting pools.

Betting on the Bundesliga: Munich, the inevitable Recordmeister

Anyone who considers a bet on the Bundesliga simply cannot ignore the absolute top favorite: Bayern Munich won the title in almost each of all recent seasons. With 24 championship wins, they are rightly referred to as the "record master". Not sure who you want to bet on? Then Munich is always a good choice. Of course; you can make things a lot more interesting when you win after betting on their loss…

High scoring, action packed: tons of opportunities for bettors

The Bundesliga is considered to be the highest scoring league in Europe. Choose a random match and there’s a great chance you will instantly understand why. Scores like 6-3 or more are no exception. Anyone who likes over / under betting couldn't wish for a nicer playzone! Football is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean duels are usually nicely balanced. In particular in the Bundesliga, the quality differences between teams can result into stunning spectacles. Before you bet on the Bundesliga, it is best to keep an eye on all previous results.

An additional advantage for those who bet on the Bundesliga in Belgium or other countries is the absence of emotional involvement with one specific team. The German league contains some absolute top teams, but on average they appeal a little less to the passion of other European football fans. Therefore, it’s all about unbiased football fun. Good news for your objectivity while betting. Your decisions are made solely considering facts and statistics. Being unhindered by emotion, your bets are more likely to pay off!

The schedule: a season stuffed with pure football fun

Whether you are a spectator or a gambler, the football matches in the Bundesliga guarantee a whole year of top entertainment. The season starts in early August and ends in May. There is a 6-week winter break, which only benefits the quality of the matches in the second half of the season. Matches take place on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, but at Ladbrokes you will of course find plenty of betting options throughout the week. Football, especially Bundesliga, can be quite haunting. So don't be surprised if the coming football weekend keeps you engaged throughout the week. Again: Don't forget to check the available streaming services regularly to get a closer look at the action. Even the least anticipated matches are well covered online.

Bundesliga Betting: Ladbrokes' Valuable Insights

Of course you don't just randomly bet on the Bundesliga; you aim for both results and profit. As with all other football leagues, there are some typical features. Recognizing them can make a fundamental difference. Nothing wrong with lending your luck a helping hand, right?

Germany is a large country that was divided into federal states. The Bundesliga is also divided into sections; teams play in different competitions and even the rules can vary slightly. This makes for an exciting, but complex diversity. Knowledge about the structure of the Bundesliga is the main condition for truly successful betting.

In the top of German football, however, 18 teams compete for the championship. Nevertheless, the statistics show there is only one likely winner, and that, as mentioned, is Bayern Munich. Every season Die Roten push themselves into top favorite position. After all, they wield an impressive financial power and their transfer policy is top-notch. Winning the championship that often has its advantages.

But it’s not about match results or championships alone. Munich fans are wondering if Robert Lewandowski, who recently scored more than 50 goals in all competitions, can finally beat Gerd Muller's long record of 40 goals in one season.

Borussia Dortmund takes a deserving second place in the polls. The Borusses are turning into a team where star players remain remarkably loyal. The availability of absolute top players will therefore only increase. This makes Dortmund the most important team for Munich to take into account during the coming seasons. A pretender to the throne is definitely rising.

Both Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig saw their star players leave in recent years, most of them to the Premier League. These teams usually manage to cope with these setbacks, but given this unpredictability, they have to count on some extra luck. However: nothing prevents a young and rough diamond from catapulting these teams into top rankings. This also applies to the many other teams in the league. The same portion of luck is what you need for your Bundesliga betting. Besides, if you bet on one of these less obvious teams, your profit will be correspondingly!

Ladbrokes: your most solid online bookmaker

In order to enjoy all this fast paced action properly, you need an online environment in which security, free choice, ease of use and anonymity are optimally guarded. That’s exactly the kind of environment you’ll find at Ladbrokes. We ensure you all our systems are fully up to date and extremely easy to use. The efficiency and speed are simply unrivalled. We fully comply with all local regulations and always aim for a gaming experience that maximizes both customer protection and satisfaction. We’re not exaggerating when we say that Ladbrokes simply puts you in the best place for your Bundesliga betting.