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Betting on who is going to win a fight; it has to be the essence of the game. Usually it already starts at the playground... Want to take it to a completely different level? Then you' ve come to the right place! Here you will find a dazzling range of MMA bets, bets on UFC and countless ways to bet on boxing. In other words: our offer simply knocks out the competition!

Boxing, UFC or MMA betting: two crucial aspects

The history of martial arts is full of bets invariably providing fans with a huge number of fantastic betting opportunities. So if you are a boxing fan, MMA enthusiast or UFC adept, Ladbrokes offers you a breathtaking range of possibilities to add to the excitement. There are two things to keep in mind: the types of bets vary enormously and knowledge of the fighters is absolutely crucial.

How to bet on boxing, MMA or UFC?

The ways in which you can bet on boxing at Ladbrokes or place a bet on UFC and MMA are hard to count. There is a lot going on in such a fight. Decisive actions take place every second. We'll just list the most common boxing, MMA and UFC bets for you here:

  • Betting on the winner
    This in itself is a very simple bet; you simply indicate which of the two boxers you think will win. You can bet on a winner, but you can also bet on a tie. It is pretty much the basis of MMA, UFC and boxing bets: ‘who's the best?’. This also makes it an extremely exciting betting experience. What's more, when there's a clear favourite and you bet on the underdog, spectacular winnings await you!
  • Round betting
    With MMA, UFC and boxing bets you can, of course, also bet on single rounds. This obviously increases your odds considerably, because it’s not an 'all or nothing' game, but rather a nice spreading of your bets. You simply bet on which fighter will win and in which round.
  • The way in which the match is won
    A fight can be settled in many ways. Someone can give up, points can be scored and of course: technical and real knockouts are always lurking around the corner. Betting on how the winner takes out his opponent is therefore a very fascinating way to bet on a boxing match or other fight.
  • Will it last until the final ring of the bell?
    So a boxing match, UFC battle or MMA fight consists of a number of rounds. However, it is by no means certain that the match needs all the rounds to proclaim a winner. Often an opponent is already knocked out before the last ring of the bell. That is also a nice wager for a well-considered bet. Here, too, it's all or nothing: either the match is fought till the end, or it stops sooner.
  • Total number of rounds
    This is a bet on how many rounds you think the fight will last. So you don't have to choose a winner, you just bet on whether the fight will end before or after a certain number of rounds. In a 12-round match, for example, you can bet on a fight that lasts longer or less than nine rounds. A popular boxing bet among experts, because those who have done their research might be richly rewarded!
  • ‘Winning group of rounds’
    Backing a fighter to win within a specific trio of rounds – rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, or 10-12 - is a way of getting great odds on a bet. For example, if you know a certain boxer is particularly strong at the beginning of the fight, you might predict one or more winning round trios in the first half of the match. If you know a fighter only gets going after a few rounds, then you better bet on a few winning rounds at the end of the match. It's a very exciting way to bet on boxing matches, UFC or MMA, especially if you know the fighters really well!

Study the fighters’ styles

Every boxer or martial arts practitioner has his or her own style. It is therefore vital you understand this and draw the right conclusions from it. Before a match it is best to analyze some previous fights to see how the fighters usually operate and how they generally perform against the typical style of their opponents.

If, for example, a fighter is known for his powerful punches, yet struggles with fast, small and fierce opponents, he is unlikely to win from such a fast athlete. On the other hand, a fighter relying mainly on his counter-attacks will fight an unpredictable match against an opponent who prefers the same strategy. Therefore, these are usually the most difficult bets, which is, of course, rewarded extra at Ladbrokes.

This is probably the hardest part of your preparation for boxing, UFC and MMA betting. It requires time and research to watch previous battles with similar style mixes. It is important to know both fighters well, only then will you be able to place fully informed bets.

Martial arts betting: how decisive are size and strength?

When it comes to martial arts, people will usually assume "a good big man" will always beat the "good little man". This, of course, is often true, but there are plenty of exceptions to this unwritten rule. After all, as a fan of boxing or other martial arts bets, it is extremely interesting to take a look at those less obvious factors. Speed, for instance, tends to be nearly as important as brute force. The same applies to intelligence and determination. These are the surprises that can turn a bet on an MMA fight or any other match into a gold mine for those who know the sport inside out.

Keep an eye on the figures and the athletes

On our website you will find a lot of information on previous battles and opponents of which you are sure to benefit from. Also hugely important is the shape the fighter's in. Both physically and mentally, these athletes have to be at their best to win. It's no coincidence that psychological warfare begins as soon as the fight is announced. All the information you can find about the preparation, the statements, the shape they're in and other parameters of the fighters is extremely relevant to your bet. Bear in mind that false information is also frequently thrown at you in this regard: it's all part of the sport in which everything seems to be allowed, except in the ring.

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