Rugby betting: discover the potent Ladbrokes options

Football may well be the number one sport in Europe, in many parts of the world there are other sports that are more favored by fans. That certainly applies to Rugby. The world is getting smaller and the great appeal of rugby is now being felt everywhere. France, England, Belgium, South Africa… rugby is everywhere. There are few sports that embody the basis of physical competition so beautifully. At the same time rugby is a ball game; a fight, but not a combat sport. It is precisely this game element that encourages so many people to bet on rugby. Ladbrokes drops you right into the action, allowing sports fans to make the most of the many opportunities in our rugby betting range!

Betting on rugby? Ladbrokes hands you the ball

Being an absolute world player in sports betting, Ladbrokes is your partner of choice for exciting and profitable rugby betting. Every type of bet on each rugby variant is possible and delivered in the most convenient online "packages". Transparency, clarity and ease of use are sacred on our online platforms. This way, you keep your focus on winning your bets.

Two variants: Rugby Union vs. Rugby League

There are two predominant game modes in the rugby world; the Rugby Union and the Rugby League. Each form has its own rules and codes. The biggest difference for you to keep in mind is that the Rugby Union is played with teams of 15 players, while in the Rugby League, matches are played between teams of 13 players each. Despite these fundamental differences in gameplay, both game modes are equally entertaining and enjoyable to watch… and to bet on. The most common rugby bets are also perfectly applicable to both types.

Most common types of rugby betting

As in all sports, you can bet on various things in rugby to increase the tension and your chances of winning. The Ladbrokes offering is brimming with tantalizing and sensational betting options that make rugby betting one of the most thrilling leisure activities out there. Let’s give you a brief overview of the most common rugby bets here:

Championship bets: Also called tournament bets, these are obviously very popular bets among bettors of all levels. It simply means betting on which team will be the ultimate winner of the tournament. Follow your instinct or use the information available: the useful knowledge can be found everywhere online.

Match Betting: This is a simple bet on the outcome of a rugby match, also referred to as the "80 minutes market". You can bet on which team will win as well as on a draw. In Rugby, the odds are often close, partly because physical readiness is decisive. The differences between top athletes tend to be very small anyway.

Handicap Betting: Betting with a "handicap" is a popular betting option, also at Ladbrokes. Watching matches that are neutral for you suddenly becomes a lot more exciting when you give both teams an equal chance to win. You do this by adding or subtracting points from the team's final score.

"First Try Scorer": This is a bet on which player will score the first "try" of the match. Since the odds of winning this type of bet are usually somewhat lower, it is a very rewarding bet if you indicate the right player. Which team has luck on their side at the start of the match? Something for the thoroughbred gambler!

Last Try Scorer: As the words suggest, this is a bet on which player or team will succeed in their last shot. It goes without saying that this kind of rugby betting has a lot to do with fate and less with real knowledge. The losing team can also score a point at the end of the match.

Winning margin: Another popular type of rugby bet is the "winning margin bet". This is simply betting on the exact number of points a team will score. Would you like something even more specific? Then at Ladbrokes, you can also try to predict the difference in points: a difficult and therefore, for the winner, rewarding activity!

Total points: Simple and straightforward. This type of bet is about the total number of points the two competing teams will score in a match. Your knowledge of both teams is therefore extremely important. A nice illustration of how a broader knowledge than just considering your favorite team not only ensures more fun, but also more profit.

Rugby betting: these Ladbrokes tips make all the difference

When considering placing your first few rugby bets, it is always a good plan to familiarize yourself with the different types of rugby bets and rules. However, it is just as useful to direct your focus and attention to one specific competition or a handful of teams. After all, by narrowing your focus, you become more familiar with the specificities, the decisive players and the performance of a specific team. So check track records and performances on specific rugby pitches; that too often matters more than you may think. All this information is essential for effectively analyzing your odds and determining the value of certain bets. Betting on rugby remains a game of chance, but trust us: research will increase your chances of winning exponentially!

Ladbrokes focuses on both fun ánd safety

Rugby is an extremely exciting sport requiring a tremendous amount of skill, adrenaline and energy from the players. That’s exactly why so many people in the world are fascinated by looking at it ánd betting on it. Before placing any rugby bets, it is of course crucial to choose a bookmaker who connects the beauty of the sport directly to a sensational betting experience. A good provider of rugby betting and betting tout court pampers its customers. That's exactly what Ladbrokes does. Here, you bet safely, comfortably and anonymously on this magnificent sport. After all, our concern lies only with our customers and the essence of gaming fun. Thousands of gambling enthusiasts all over the world notice that difference every day. Our close partnerships with government and regulatory agencies are significant in the efforts we make, year after year, to keep gambling responsible, fair and enjoyable.