Terms & conditions

  1. Our best odds can only be taken with real money.
  2. Cash-out is not eligible for these odds.
  3. Our Boost my odds can not be combined with each other
  4. The customer can only play once on the Boosted odds.
  5. The starting odd may evolve with the market
  6. Ladbrokes.be reserves the right to review transaction records and logs at any given moment, for any reason whatsoever. If, after review, it appears that a customer is participating in strategies that Ladbrokes.be management, in its sole discretion deems to be abusive, Ladbrokes.be reserves the right to revoke the entitlement of such a customer to any Special.
  7. Ladbrokes.be reserves the right to cancel or amend the campaign at any time and without any notice.
  8. The cash will be credited within 24 hours after the end of the game.
  9. On top of the above-mentionned terms and conditions, Ladbrokes.be's general terms and conditions apply.