Betting on the Jupiler Pro League: Let it kick in!!

The mother of all sports betting in Belgium is without a doubt betting on the Jupiler Pro League. For so many Belgians, the football canteen is much more than a childhood memory: it is the place where the passion for the game and everything around it arose. Although of course you do‘nt have to be an active football player to enjoy the excitement, rivalry and quality of our Belgian football competition. For those who want to bet on the Jupiler Pro League, there is more than money at stake: it’s about identity, about pride, about emotion. That is exactly why Ladbrokes is fully committed to providing a betting experience that always raises the bar (or post).

Jupiler Pro League betting: thrilling entertainment, every single week

Football is deeply rooted in our culture. Not a day goes by without animated discussions at work, in the pub, in the living room… where the passion for the game and the favorite team always causes a stir. Ladbrokes flawlessly translates that thrill into our ultra-exciting bets on the Jupiler Pro League. Moreover: we always like to go one step further. By increasing the stakes for you personally, it all becomes even more fun! The profits you reap are spectacular, just like your options to cash in on your knowledge. You decide what you bet on, we make sure your Jupiler Pro League bets always go perfectly as they should.

Jupiler Pro League bets are hot!

Our national football is experiencing some exceptional times. We have been sovereignly at the top of the FIFA world ranking for quite some time now, which is no coincidence. Hazard, De bruyne, Lukaku… our 'ambassadors' dominate every top competition. No wonder the eye of the world is increasingly focusing on the breeding ground where all this talent is blooming Of course, that well-deserved attention works wonders for betting on the Jupiler Pro League as well. More exposure also means: more possible profits. And what’s more: This success story is far from over; it's actually just starting. With top talents such as Doku, Verschaeren and Vanheusden, the Belgian football fan is guaranteed lots top football displays, at his own doorstep. As a global player, Ladbrokes offers you the best options to claim your share of the cake.

Ladbrokes Jupiler Pro League bets: everyone wins

Football, especially in your own national league, is pure emotion. Of course you have your favorite team(s) and teams you dislike. However, by betting on the Jupiler Pro League, you can never really get disappointed. Is your team not always a favorite? Then you soften a possible defeat with a financial boost. If your team does win, you will be happy anyway. Were you daring enough to bet on your own team? You just doubled your joy!

Even those who support a top team can always surprise themselves by optimally using their football knowledge when betting. When your favorite team fulfills its favorite role again, this is of course great fun. If this makes you win considerable sums of cash, then it becomes absolutely fantastic. The great thing about football is this: a match truly can always go any direction. Injuries or players who peak surprisingly, for example, can fundamentally determine the outcome. You don't just bet on a win or a loss: the possibilities at Ladbrokes are endless! This way, we ensure you to stay in full control of your opportunities.

Our wide range of Jupiler Pro League bets

It should be clear by now: At Ladbrokes, betting on the outcome of a match is fun, exciting and potentially very lucrative. That does not mean you should just focus on only those kinds of bets. In our huge range of Jupiler Pro League bets, you are guaranteed to find the bet that most appeals to you personally. Let’s list your options:

Championship bets: The Jupiler Pro League is a competition in which a lot of games determine who will ultimately win the championship. Of course you can bet on this. That way, you ensure yourself stunning excitement and sensation for a whole season. Are you one to make adjustments where and when you consider them necessary? Or do you stay true to your original point of view? Your fate rests in your own hands ...

Match Betting: Every match at Ladbrokes is a new opportunity to win big. It is precisely that noncommittal, isolated opportunity that makes it all worthwhile. On one hand, you increase the weekly tension, but on the other, a setback is never more than a snapshot you can make up for the following week!

In-game betting: Do you prefer it more specialized and detailed? Then Ladbrokes spoils you with a multitude of options for betting on specific aspects of each Jupiler Pro League match. For example, you know who will lead at the break? Or maybe you have a prediction regarding the number of goals? With these in-game bets you not only prove your extensive football insight; you also turn it into real money!

Top scorer (‘gouden stier’), assist king, clean sheets…: Football is a team sport, no arguing that. However, this doesn’t mean there is no glory (and money) to be found by focusing on individual performances. Throughout the season there are always players who distinguish themselves: keepers with clean sheets, strikers with their numbers of goals or technicians who drop tons of assists. They can all make a lucrative aspect of your bets. When you predict these individual stats, you are guaranteed to score big winnings!

Live betting: Every match must be played. There is no better source of information than watching the games evolve themselves. At Ladbrokes you can bet even during every Jupiler Pro League match. This way, we keep your chances of winning extremely flexible, which of course plays to your advantage.

These and other possibilities make betting on the Jupiler Pro League at Ladbrokes both lucrative and extremely interesting. So be sure to check out all the options on our site!

The implacable Ladbrokes security and privacy guarantees

There are plenty of reasons to choose Ladbrokes for betting on the Jupiler Pro League. The impeccable experience itself is of course simply sacred to us. We show just as much commitment in terms of privacy, anonymity, ease of use and security. During decades at the forefront of the online sports betting industry, our users are guaranteed the ultimate safety and comfort. Our advanced systems are designed to meticulously monitor the gaming experience as well as privacy and security. Every transaction, big or small, runs smoothly and correctly. We also remain in pole position when it comes to implementing regulations and legislation. The Belgian Gaming Commission is a trusted partner; together we make betting on football matches and competitions the fair and pleasant pastime it should be.