Tiercé, Quarté, Quinté results… how do you bet on horse races?

Horse racing gambling has been a source of unadulterated entertainment for mankind for centuries. But how much 'gambling' is actually involved? Is it a game of chance at all? After all, there are various parameters that you can use (by studying facts or simply with sufficient feeling) to significantly increase your chances of winning: the physical condition of the horses, the jockey, the specific race distances.... Your predicted Tiercé, Quarté or Quinté- results, for example, will be a lot more correct when you do your research!

Turf betting: your best tiercé, quarté, quinté bet today!

Turf bets (in tiercé, quarté, quinté; placed or not) are by far the most common horse bets. But how do they work exactly? At Ladbrokes we are happy to explain in detail how this works. The Turf, also called Paris Hippiques, unites three types of horse racing: the flat race, the trot and the hurdle race.

  • Flat races are the best known races, these are simple races in which the horses have to cover one or a few kilometres in a gallop as quickly as possible, without substantial obstacles. Straightforward races and therefore the easiest to master.
  • In an obstacle race, the horses are also sent to gallop over a certain distance, but they are confronted with obstacles; usually obstacles they have to jump over (bars, ponds, hedges, etc).
  • Then there is the Trot race. This is a very specific, limited race, where the horses are never allowed to gallop under penalty of disqualification (that is to say, only a few strides are allowed, the number of which decreases as the final post approaches). Another important difference in regard to the flat and the obstacle course: the jockey does not ride directly on the horse, but on a sulky that is pulled by the horse.

The bets of the various bettors are grouped together and then redistributed to the winning bettors in proportion to their specific bet, minus a deduction collected by the turf sites and the state.

Tiercé, quarté and quinté results: how can you bet on them?

There are many types of bets offered in horse racing, we have already listed the most famous ones for you. Win and Place bets are the simplest bets. Simply choose a horse and bet that it will arrive as 'winner' (first place) or 'placed' (first 3 if there are at least 8 horses entered for the race, first 2 if between 4 and 7 horses in the race).

  • The Tiercé results: A great classic among PMU bets, where as a gambler you predict the first three horses in the race. You can do this in correct or random order, which of course has an impact on the size of your winnings.
  • Quarté predictions: Another classic. Here it comes down to predicting the first four horses in the race, in order. The prize money naturally grows along with your accuracy.
  • Quinté Results: This is undoubtedly the bet that has had the greatest success among gamblers so far, simply because it offers the biggest winnings. You must indicate the first five horses in the race in order. An additional number (‘number +’) is assigned to the ticket. When the player has not only found the quinté in order, but also has the number + of the day (drawn by lot), his winnings are multiplied by 10.

First and foremost: what is your best formula to play?

At Ladbrokes we recommend starting with the simplest bets: the simple win or place, the 2 out of 4 (where you have 2 horses out of the first 4 correct) or the multi (where you find the first 4 horses of the race by selecting 4 to 7 horses). At Ladbrokes you bet quickly, safely and informed, ensuring you are not hindered by the complexity associated with more difficult bets or platforms. With us, everything is straightforward!

Tiercé, quarté and quinté betting: is it the horse or the jockey that wins?

A frequently asked question is of course: who do you, as a gambler, need to gather the most information about? The horse? Or the Jockey? The answer is simple: it is the jockey/horse combination that wins. The sum of both quality-pools and their mutual match. The right chemistry between the two is absolutely essential. But of course not everything is black and white. We have certainly seen good horses, ridden by less good jockeys, win. On the other hand; a good jockey cannot make a racehorse out of a donkey. In other words, the horse is somewhat more decisive.

Is a bet on a high-quoted horse unprofitable in advance?

Another hot topic for those who want to bet on tiercé, quarté or quinté results: When a horse is a huge favourite and therefore has everyone betting on it, is it still worth betting on that horse? Won’t the prizes be too small, because too fragmented?

The answer is not unequivocal. When there is a clear favourite, it can of course be extra rewarding to go for an outsider; a horse that you know will run well today for a reason that not many people know. Who knows if the other gamblers were wrong? In this case, as a gambler who has not followed the general consensus, you can win a nice amount. Despite the many determining parameters that allow you to predict things, there are still many surprises in horse racing. It remains a race between animals: that is by definition unpredictable. In other words, it is a perfect mix between certainty and surprise.

How reliable is the advice of the 'experts'?

As is the case with most gambling games, the whole horse racing business is, unfortunately, riddled with pseudo-specialists and self-professed connoisseurs. Friends, family and distant acquaintances often also quickly push their opinions about how and why a certain choice will yield more for you. Keep your cool though: Betting on horses is based on an accurate analysis of each race. The pleasure is certainly not only in the possible profit, but precisely in the preparation of the forecast. You optimize this by linking, testing and comparing the information sources.

Tiercé, quarté and quinté today? Win your race with Ladbrokes!

Horse racing offers, especially at the PMU, a well-regulated and unique way of betting. You are not betting against a bookmaker, but merely against the other gamblers. Moreover, you can really influence your own chances. The main conditions for enjoying all this to the maximum are of course: ease of use, security and privacy. At Ladbrokes, we go to great lengths to achieve this. By always putting your fun and safety first, we make sure it always remains fun and games!