Betting on the Premier League at Ladbrokes: the experts’ choice

For decades, football has dominated sports in Europe and far beyond. Everyone knows this game, almost everyone likes it. It is the sport you can talk about with virtually everyone you meet. No wonder betting on football is also a most widespread activity. In the cradle of football; England, all of this reaches a whole different level. Those who want to bet on the Premier League really have a fabulous range of options. Welcome at Ladbrokes; the absolute best for Premier League betting.

Ladbrokes and the Premier League: A successful and historic Alliance

Most European football leagues are quite similar. The same rules apply, they have a rich history and there are some big clubs in every country that dominate the competition. Yet each of these competitions has its own characteristics, which make everything both unique and exciting. This applies in particular to the English Premier League. It all started here, after all. Betting on the Premier League is not only thrilling and fun, it’s simply tradition.

Because the European competitions are so closely linked, they are also easily accessible and comprehensible to gamblers across the continent. Anyone who wants to bet on the Premier League from Belgium will surely notice the wide list of options. At Ladbrokes, being experts on the British football league, we owe it to ourselves to take the lead. Our Premier League bets are extremely diverse, profitable, easy and exciting.

To improve your odds, we’d like to explain some important points of interest. This way, you are fully equipped to take promising shot(s) with your Premier League bets.

Premier League Betting: the specifics

Gaining knowledge about the league you are betting on and finding ways to exploit specific features make an excellent start to secure winnings. The list of interesting facts about the Premier League is endless; fresh and relevant news is created every single day. Are you an ambitious gambler? Then make sure you take advantage of all this available knowledge. You can even "specialize" in certain aspects of the game. The depth you find with Ladbrokes Premier League bets allows you to take advantage of every detail.

It’s not even an exaggeration to say that the Premier League is probably the most exceptional of all major football leagues. The worldwide popularity is unparalleled and the quality of the players and teams involved is astronomically high. Football is popular in the whole world, in England it is a religion.

At first glance, the English Premier League schedule seems rather standard. There are 20 teams facing each other twice: one time as host, the other as visitor. The competition starts early / mid-August and continues until the end of May. Most matches are played on weekends.

How season phases affect your Premier League bet

An important element of your Premier League betting is the season phase. These professional teams each have a sophisticated strategy, based on the past season, their selection and the expectations for the new competition. Especially the sub-top teams know they cannot peak for an entire season and therefore place some extra emphasis in certain periods and / or at specific matches. Therefore, each part of the season has some typical patterns:

  • Summer preparations and start of the season

    One of the most important things to consider about the start of the season is that not all clubs use the same strategy. A season lasts long and contains many matches, you cannot expect a team to be in top condition for nine months in a row. Following the preparation of a team during the summer tells you a lot about upcoming achievements. While some teams are satisfied with the overall quality of their selection, others will mix up their team quite remarkably. Some teams will perform at a level that is consistent to the last season, much-changed teams can be expected to either surprise or disappoint. It's up to you to predict the way this will all turn out when betting on the Premier League. Some teams are struggling with limited resources and are unable to improve their squad the way they prefer. This doesn't have to be disastrous; much depends on the current strength of the squad, but it can, of course, make a big difference. Evidently, there is more to season preparations than just transfers. There are also the training schedule, friendlies, intermission and promotional “duties”. Each of these can have an enormous impact on the performance of a team at the start of the season.
  • The season start: treacherous or representative for Premier League betting?

    A lot of teams in the Premier League are preparing to gain maximum strength and momentum at certain stages of the season. This is also the reason why you often see some teams starting very well. The idea behind this is that they can already achieve their goals, even if they relapse later in the season. Other teams commence a little slower, saving energy and fitness to keep going during the final matches of the season. A good example of this approach is Manchester United during the Alex Ferguson period. His teams often got average results early on, but later in the season they turned into unstoppable goal scoring machines. By studying all this, betting on the Premier League will become much more profitable!
  • No winter break in the Premier League

    Unlike many European competitions, the English Premier League has no winter break. The match schedule around Christmas and New Year is actually quite intensive. This is also an interesting period for those who want to bet on the Premier League. By this time, you may be able to draw some meaningful and rewarding conclusions. At the same time, everything is still possible and winter transfers can still mix things up. The Premier League is a tough competition: especially during this period, teams with a broad selection and a lot of attention to physical ability have an extra edge.
  • The fiercely contested "Spring Battles"

    Towards the end of the Premier League season, the competition becomes extremely intense again. Many of the teams are fighting hard at this stage to reach their goals; winning the title, avoiding relegation… During this period, it is more important than ever to think about the motivation of the teams before placing your Premier League bets. Naturally, clubs that still have something to gain or lose at this stage of the season, are more motivated than those who have already achieved their goals or teams who can no longer reach them. Matches between teams fighting to avoid relegation are typically unpredictable. This provides great opportunities for gamblers! Nevertheless, even teams that have nothing left to compete for can deliver surprising results.

It should be clear by now: the period of the year is most decisive for your Premier League bets.

When you carefully monitor the ins and outs within the clubs you want to bet on, you surely can change the odds in your favor!