Europa league and Champions League betting: playtime’s over

All over the world, football is magisterially claiming the lion's share of all sports attention. Wherever you go, you can always have a chat about football. And about which competitions will it be three times out of four? Right: the Europa League and the Champions League. Every year, these top tournaments captivate fans across the globe. Therefore every big team in Europe is sure to put these competitions on top of their priority list. The stakes are high: eternal fame, money, supporters... That's why Europa league and Champions League betting are the pinnacle of excitement and spectacle.

Those who bet on these competitions know what awaits them: pure sensation, sweaty palms and above all: total top entertainment! Going for Ladbrokes? Then you know your Champions League and Europaleague bets are in the most skilled and experienced hands.

What’s your favourite Europa league or Champions League bet?

We admit, at Ladbrokes we don't exactly make it easy for you. We really do have an extremely wide range of options and possibilities for betting on the Europa league or Champions league. In order to reduce your choice overload a bit, we are happy to offer you some of the most popular types of Europa league and Champions League betting. This will undoubtedly help you make the perfect choice.

Betting on individual games: the basis

First of all, you can of course select some games that are particularly interesting for you to bet on; because you are a fan of one of the teams, because of the intense rivalry, because your favourite player is participating... the reason is entirely up to you. You are also completely free to choose which stats you want to place your bet on. At Ladbrokes, the options are just as intriguing as they are numerous. We highlight a few of them:

  • Betting on the full-time result :
    This is the most popular and easy way to bet on the Champions League. In short, simply choose the outcome you expect for a specific match. Usually this is done as follows: you enter a '1' for a home team victory, 'X' for a draw or '2' for a win. There is always a certain degree of predictability when it comes to home victories and defeats: Home teams normally win just a little more often. You can also, for example, delve into the results of a previous season. Statistics perhaps don't tell the whole story, especially in football, but they're sure to give you an advantage.
  • Betting on the exact score
    Like to go a little further? Then you can also try to predict the exact score. Higher risk, but also higher profits if you got it right. You just indicate how many goals you think both teams will score. A lot depends on the team composition and the shape of the teams. So one informed gambler is worth at least two.
  • ‘To score or not to score’
    Another popular Champions League or Europa League wager is betting on whether or not both teams score a goal. Essentially, this means you simply indicate they either score both, or one, or none. Here, too, some insight works in your favour. After all, most matches in these top European competitions are scored by both teams. This already gives you an indication. However, we keep repeating: this is and will remain football. Those who show more guts will get the better reward... or the greater disappointment. The choice is yours.
  • Over or under?
    Another favourite among uefa bets is the over/under bet. Here you choose whether a match will end under or over a certain number of goals. Often 2.5 is used as a benchmark. In some seasons, however, a much higher number of games ended on more than 2.5 goals. Maybe a reason to use a higher number of goals? You decide. In any case, this upward trend argues in favour of these competitions being attractive and offensive football events.

Direct betting on the Champions League or Europa league final result

Of course, Ladbrokes also offers various ways to make a well-founded gamble on the course and the final results of the competitions as a whole.

  • A good and widely used tactic is the direct bet, based on the final results at the end of the tournament. You usually place these bets before the tournament starts. It's also possible during the course of the competition, but this obviously reduces your odds and profit margins. The advantage then is that it may be easier for you to place the right bet, as more information about the form of teams and players becomes available.
  • Outright Winner bets: This bet simply predicts who will come out as the champion of the tournament. This is a tough challenge anyhow, but there are always some clear favourites. For example, Real Madrid won three times in a row not so long ago. Yet you never know for sure who will make it. Therefore the game is too capricious and unpredictable. That is what makes it so much fun to bet on the Champions League or the Europa League: knowledge and insight remain dependent on the whims of fate. That is still the essence of a bet. Anyone who bets on an unexpected winner will collect a lot of money.
  • The losing finalist : Runner-up forecasts, where you try to predict second place, are a very interesting type of bet. It goes without saying such predictions are mainly spent on the connoisseurs, because in essence there are even more complex elements involved in this type of result than in betting on the top favourite. A tip? Christiano Ronaldo had the dubious honour of losing seven out of nine finals. With him on the team, you have important statistical information at your disposal... How you interpret this, is left entirely up to you.
  • Phase of elimination betting : This is a very unique and therefore profitable bet because it’s only possible in tournament format. It boils down to this: You choose in which round a particular team is eliminated. In order to increase your chances of winning, it is best to consider the draw carefully.
  • Top scorer bets : In the end, of course, football is all about making goals. So, just like in the Jupiler League, it is also possible in Europe league and Champions League betting to predict which player will bury most balls in the back of the net.

Betting on the Europa League or Champions League is big business

Due to the immense popularity of these two top leagues, there's an enormous amount of players worldwide who are betting on them. This, of course, has an impact on prize money for both players and bettors. By betting on the Europaleague or Champions League, you have a chance of winning big.

Moreover, at Ladbrokes we are firmly committed to ensuring that the betting process is more than correct. We do this by keeping our systems and software at the forefront of the market and by putting a lot of effort into privacy and security. At Ladbrokes, betting on the various uefa competitions also means all rules in force in your region are strictly adhered to. Fun and safety: these remain the absolute pillars of our policy.