Betting on Euro 2020: our guide

The time has finally come. We all had to wait another year for it, but the force of European international football can no longer be stopped: Euro 2020 has started. A feast for everyone who loves the game in itself… and everything around it. Bets are of course an inseparable part of this most exciting event. Looking for a trustworthy place where you get the best odds for betting on Euro 2020? Then you've come to the right place at Ladbrokes!

Euro 2020 betting at Ladbrokes: the most opulent choice

A gigantic tournament such as a European Championship is of course full of opportunities for those who want to earn an extra penny on top of their fun. Betting on Euro 2020 makes everything just that little bit more exciting than it already is. With a field of participants consisting of no less than 24 national teams, one thing is absolutely certain: the possibilities are simply limitless.

It goes without saying that it is best to make a small and clever selection of the teams and players your Euro 2020 bets will be focused on. This way, you keep everything clear and you avoid fragmentation of your profits. Want to go for maximum fun and winning opportunities? Then choose a nice balance between emotion and reason. There are teams that may not survive the first round, period. Even if they have an absolute global top player in their ranks; he will probably go down along with his teammates. For outright bets, where you mainly try to predict who will last long and might even reach the final, it is therefore best to choose teams that actually have a good chance. Every tournament there are of course also some surprises or teams where an emerging talent shuffles the cards completely. Be sure to keep this in mind when you are betting on Euro 2020. It’s best not to fasten everything in advance. Every European Championship has some spectacular surprises in store. Possibly in a positive sense, where a 'smaller' team performs unexpectedly strongly, but just as probable in a negative sense, where one of the favorites is sent home early.

We’re sure you’re getting the picture: a European Championship typically is a colorful event where every football law gets confirmed, especially the law dictating that everything is possible in football. Perfect for the true gamblers among us, but also for anyone who just occasionally places a small bet. At Ladbrokes we collect the best of what's on offer in Euro 2020 betting.

The most placed Euro 2020 bets

As mentioned, the possibilities are almost inexhaustible, but to keep it all a manageable, especially for the novice gambler, we gladly list the most common Euro 2020 bets:

  • Final winner, European championship bet :
    It's the question on everyone's mind; who will be the best team in Europe this year? Which nation will proudly carry the title on the international stage for the next four years? Yes, Belgium has a very good chance, but so do Spain, England, France and Germany. And then there are Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands… In short: it's all going to be very exciting once again!
  • Match results :
    Of course you can also bet on the final result of each match. A very straightforward bet where you have a very wide choice. Do you prefer the matches of your own country? Or maybe you want to approach it thoughtfully and are looking for Euro 2020 bets where your insider knowledge will pay off best? With these bets you can predict who will win a game, but you can also go into more detail. The harder you make it, the higher the winnings.
  • Goals scored by both teams?
    Another popular bet is whether both teams will score or not. This in itself is a pretty easy bet providing a decent chance of winning. Everything depends on a number of determining factors: are these two teams playing mainly offensively? Or is there a team that defends rather cautiously and forcefully? What stage of the tournament are we in? Is scoring and winning a must for both teams or have the cards been shuffled for this round already?
  • Accumulative bets:
    Are you looking for a way to gain large profits with a relatively small starting amount? Accumulative bets are bets where your won prize is re-used for the next one. The amounts increase quite fast. It’s also common to combine several bets at the same time. This way you win very nice sums of money if you choose, for example, to designate Spain, England, Belgium and France as the winner of a certain competition. There is of course one important catch, both for simultaneous Euro 2020 bets and for chronologically accumulating bets: every single bet must be correct. If not, then everything will collapse. The difference between the rather low stakes and the large possible wins, combined with this extra thrill, is what attracts so many gamblers to these bets.
  • Handicap bets: With these bets, teams start with a certain 'handicap'. This could mean, for example, that they have to win by at least two goals in order for the bettor to win. For example, if England gets a -1 handicap, they have to score two times more than the opponent.
  • Half-time/Full-time bets: You predict how things will look, not only at the end of the match, but also at half-time. Every match has its own course and story. The score after 45 minutes can strongly determine the second half. Moreover, this method simply doubles the options to bet on your favorite Euro 2020 matches.
  • Golden Boot: Typical for this type of tournament are of course the individual performances that often get more than a little extra attention. The pinnacle of this is undoubtedly the top scorer of the European Championship. Statistically speaking, Belgium has a top favorite in the selection. Will it be our Romelu Lukaku? Or is Frenchman Mbappé bringing it home? It could of course just as well be Harry Kane… In any case, you are free to take a well-considered gamble on this at Ladbrokes. A ‘little’ bonus for your Euro 2020 bets!