Euro 2020 predictions: you’re one step ahead with Ladbrokes

June 11 is the day: the European Championship 2020 will start in which 24 national teams will compete for the title of best football country in Europe. For some teams, the dream of raising the cup on July 11 is a realistic scenario; others may simply aim for an honorable achievement. In any case: the eyes of viewers worldwide are focused on this event. Millions of aficionados will also try to multiply the fun by choosing some striking Euro 2020 predictions. Everything will become crystal clear during these next few weeks. At Ladbrokes, you are free to choose between a wide range of possibilities for your Euro 2020 predictions! We're more than happy to give you some extra information as well, ensuring your bets to become smart and accurate shots on target.

The Ladbrokes Euro 2020 tips: our favourites

Every edition there are a few countries whose hopes for the final victory are realistic. This year, England, France and… yes; Belgium is among the top favourites. France has already won this tournament twice and being the reigning world champion, they are the team to beat. England and Belgium are aiming for their first victory since the championship first took place in 1960. The most logical Euro 2020 predictions will likely show these three countries high on the list.

Nevertheless: football remains an unpredictable sport. At Ladbrokes we gladly give you all the knowledge you need to make up your own mind. Let’s take a closer look at each group individually. Of course, you should always keep an eye on all current forecasts and changes; this way you, are guaranteed to get the most out of this tournament!

Group A: The proud Azurri smashing a Turkish wall

In group A, Italy is generally considered to be the favorite. The team has everything to get through the first phase unscathed and also enjoys the home advantage regularly in this tournament. The other teams are more evenly matched. Turkey stands out for many connoisseurs with their extremely coherent defensive wall. It will be a challenge for creative players and teams to hack into this wall and score goals. Also, watch out for their sharp counterattacks. Although this is not an unfamiliar strategy for Italians either; who invented catenaccio again?

As for your Euro 2020 predictions: Wales (with a.o. Gareth Bale) and Switzerland (with Shakiri and Xhaka) may surprise you, but for now Italy remains the favourite. They are followed by Turkey with that burly and defensive playing style we mentioned.

Group B: the moment of truth for Belgium?

Belgium is without a doubt the top favorite in its group. The Red Devils are currently in third place in the latest odds for Euro 2020 predictions. This may well be the last chance to finally reap the benefits of this exceptionally talented generation.

The biggest challenger in this group is Denmark. The Danes have lost only 2 games in the last 4 years; each time against… Belgium. The third place will probably be determined in the match between Russia and Finland, which takes place in St Petersburg. Finland showed some surprisingly strong performances recently, including against France, but Russia is generally believed to claim third place.

Our Euro 2020 prediction: Belgium wins the group, Denmark is second, Russia third and Finland fourth.

Group C: a two-faced group

In group C there seems to be a slight imbalance. The Netherlands and Ukraine may be considered favorites, while Austria and North Macedonia are the outspoken underdogs. The latter in particular are seen as the weaker contender in the group. Rightly so? That remains to be seen. Austria also shows remarkably less technical finesse than it once did.

Ladbrokes' Euro 2020 prediction for Group C? The Netherlands gets first place, despite some worries and doubts about the selection of Koeman and the absence of the injured Virgil Van Dijk. The skills shown in recent matches were indeed not that impressive. Still, they will likely outperform their first pursuer Ukraine, which will be followed by Austria and North Macedonia.

Group D: a long-awaited derby

There will undoubtedly be an extra source of tension in this group. The rivalry between Englishmen and Scots goes back centuries. These are real derbies in football, as they have been for ages. In the second round of this group poster, the two sides meet again. Such a thrilling duel always turns out to be even more unpredictable: players transcend themselves or choke, simply because of all the fuss.

For now, this is the most likely Euro 2020 prediction for Group D: England wins the group, being both the host of most matches and the best squad altogether. The rest of the table is harder to predict. Croatia is arguably the best contender for second place with their technical mastery and solid reputation. Beyond that, it remains to be seen how Scotland and the Czech Republic will perform.

Group E: Spain against the rest

In group E we can assume Spain will win the group. This doesn’t mean the opponents have no chance; especially Poland, with goal-getter Lewandowski and Sweden, with technique and speed, can hurt any team. Yet Spain is ranked better in just about every aspect of the game. What's more: they also play every game 'at home'! As one of the most highly regarded leagues, Spain owes it to its status to shine on its own soil…

Our Euro 2020 predictions for Group E? Spain finishes at the top. Behind them there will be an exciting battle between Sweden and Poland for second place (with Sweden very slightly in favor). The last place will most likely go to the Slovaks.

Group F: the “group of death”

The last group, group F, is undeniably the toughest one of this tournament. The reasons for this understatement are obvious. First there is Germany, world champion in 2014 and semi-finalist of Euro 2016. Then there is France: reigning world champion and second at Euro 2016. And on top of it all, there’s Portugal, current European champion and winner of the Nations League in 2019. This will be a group in which absolute star players fill the pitch every single game: Mbappé, Griezmann, Kanté, Ronaldo, Gundogan, Fernandes, Silva, Cancelo… these and many other stars are all in their prime. Fireworks guaranteed!

This also means that the only non-top team from this group, Hungary, will have a very hard time trying to get beyond the group stage. These players should just appreciate the fact that they share this huge podium with their idols. After all; everyone will witness their skills; they simply have nothing to lose.

The Ladbrokes Euro 2020 predictions for Group F: Portugal and France battle for 1st place. Germany is breathing down their necks and Hungary... is quite happy with the exposure.