Betting on the 2022 FIFA World Cup: Score big with Ladbrokes!

We’re living in exciting times… For the first time in history, the World Cup will take place in the winter. A drastic break with tradition presenting some new interesting data. Those who want to bet on the World Cup should certainly take that into account. The weather conditions in Qatar will undoubtedly equal those of the hottest summers here in Europe, but this timing is also guaranteed to have an impact on the (un)predictability of players’ readiness. Betting on a football World Cup always comes with some spectacular surprises, but this edition promises a tension of a completely different order! Ladbrokes bundles the fun and excitement into a sizzling offer!

Betting on the World Cup? Expect an extra fast tournament!

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is also the 22nd edition of the tournament. The first major consequence of the choice of this host country was the tournament taking place in the winter. Knowing the Winter Olympics will start at the beginning of 2023; It is important to have this tournament as fast and efficient as possible so the two tournaments do not overlap. The opening match is set for November 21, the finals are scheduled for December 18. In other words, this will be the shortest FIFA World Cup ever! In that short period of time, there is a lot to pick up for those who want to bet on this World Cup: 64 matches, played in 8 different stadiums in 5 host cities: Doha, Lusail, Al-Khor, Al-Rayyan and Al-Wakrah.

Quite the agenda… so betting on this World Cup promises to become a sizzling rollercoaster. Fortunately, you can always check with Ladbrokes for the most current developments, peripheral news and betting. We ensure you to always have the best odds for your World Cup '22 bets, even in these hectic circumstances.

How will Players’ readiness affect your world cup betting?

By organizing each World Cup in summer, we have unconsciously become accustomed to some fixed data. The fysical and mental readiness of the players, for example. Because these tournaments were played at the end of a sporting season, we knew exactly who had already shown and maintained his good form for about ten months, who was working on a nice growth curve and who might be a bit tired. Many leagues close at the end of spring, giving a lot of players plenty of time to prepare optimally for these summer events. Traditions provide predictability, that also goes for those who want to bet on a football World Cup.

That tradition is now completely upended, destroying all predictability. Most major competitions have been going on for about four months this season; that's shorter than the time we usually get to rate players. These competitions will be put on hold for a relatively short while, which means players will only have a few days to recharge for this World Cup. So make sure you thoroughly know your favorite teams. Who started strong this season? Who is still searching? Who already got enough playing minutes (and also: who hasn't?). If you want to bet successfully on this 2022 World Cup in Qatar, you will have to find the right answers.

Temperature and time differences: determining your World Cup ’22 bets?

The World Cup will take place in the winter; temperatures will be quite high; around 29 degrees Celsius. Nice summer weather, but for many players a big difference with the current temperature in their own competition. It will be interesting to see how this affects performance. A player who has been performing well in cold weather for months can easily lose his edge in this heat.

Then there is the time difference to take into account. In winter it is two hours later in Qatar than it is in Belgium (and therefore most European countries). That's not insurmountable, but again; something to think about.

Wide playing field, divided into continents

Besides Qatar, only countries that were able to qualify will participate in this tournament; that's nothing new. It also means there will be “no bad teams” at this tournament. Do you want to bet on this 2022 World Cup? Then of course you have to know the field of participants.

As many as thirteen European countries are taking part. For many, all the favorites are amongst them. They are being challenged by 5 Asian countries, five African countries, three North American or Central American countries and four South American countries. Australia and Costa Rica rejoined the tables after their continental play-off victories.

As mentioned, the favorites will mainly be European, defending champions France being the often tipped winner, but you will also traditionally find some important outsiders in South America. Brazil, for example, is suggested by many experts as a potential winner. Looking for World Cup bets with a little more risk, but also much higher potential wins? Then choosing a (relative) underdog is always a good idea.

Individual class, more than ever determining your 2022 World Cup bets

Of course, it is impossible to take a close look at every player from every team to see how he is performing at this very moment. That's why we at Ladbrokes listed some of the most game-defining players you should keep an eye on. For your convenience, we focus on the strikers (although we know: football is a team sport and defenders/midfielders/goalkeepers can be just as decisive). Yet, with just about every kind of bet on this World Cup, there are also options for betting directly on the best goal getter.

Let’s give you a foretaste of the extra opportunities that you will find at Ladbrokes when you start betting on this World Cup in Qatar.

  • Harry Kane: Top scorer of the previous World Championship and secret weapon of England.
  • Kylian Mbappe: The reigning world champion France also has an absolute topper in its ranks with the talented TGV from PSG.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Cannon of the Portuguese fleet. Still in shape and always just that little bit more eager when playing for his homeland, especially in what may be his last World Cup.
  • Karim Benzema: Dangerous striker of Real Madrid. Half a chance is all he needs!
  • Lionel Messi: The GOAT ? Well, he keeps showing his exceptional skills in Paris. Maybe not like in the golden Barça days, but still unstoppable.
  • Romelu Lukaku: Our own goal scoring machine. If Romelu plays with confidence, he will make top scorer. Hopefully he has recovered sufficiently from his injury.
  • Neymar: Not the most popular, but still one of the most dangerous players out there, which he proves every week in France.

Also keep an eye out for Raheem Sterling, Diogo Jota, Memphis Depay and Vinicius Junior. For real outsiders you’ll have to go to the African and Asian teams.

Do you want to stay well informed? Follow our user-friendly Ladbrokes platforms. There you’ll find the information you need to make your 2022 World Cup betting an absolute success. Responsible, transparent and fair, as you’ve come to expect from an experienced global player like ourselves!